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General Discussion / Re: Are Nukes OP?
April 12, 2010, 08:23:37 AM
nuke the noobs ;)

hi ,   look this replay the title says it all. no detection + leave army where nuke is = stupid noob, no maybe not stupid but bad at playing starcraft.

I was the lucky Terra haha what a fun ,)

To make ya greety i got a Beta key but played here before , and guess what it really helped me out in terms of being not totally noob.

SO again thanks for a ll people here which developed Ai i mostly liked strategy ai at end it was and for sure still woulb be very chelanging <-- cant get the word right .......
can someone uplaod base version of strategy 0.3

i cant read chinese

thanks in advance
Use : Valkeriens Beta Luncher 0.28

+ These Base.sc2 of Strategy 0.22

(includes cheating and normal no easy)

This worked out for me.

maybe also watch out to use suggested folders for Ai and Maps which are  dirctly under Starcraft Folder

for e.
F:\games\StarCraft II Beta/ai

Dont know if thats important however it cant be a misstake.

AI Scripts / Strategy 0.22 Base (normal+cheating)
April 02, 2010, 08:39:23 AM
Here again base.sc2data version of Startegy Ai 0.22 . (normal and chaeting)

I found it somewhere in older post but archiev was currupt somehow i got out those working files

Togheter with valkeriens Beta luncher 0.28 it also solved my problem of beeing not able to watch my own replays.

AI Scripts / Re: Amazing AI !! (try it out)
April 02, 2010, 07:35:44 AM
hi i have lost reall like 25 games vs this AI with terra played vs toss and zerg . i am noob anyway...

Then i manged to win vs Zerga nd tosss witch kind of secure expansion mass bio infantry + some mediacs + vs toss emp)

Yesterday i watched some pro games tryed some thinks i saw there and Ai: had no chance

so far played 3 games with fast banshee haress and comp had no idea what to do against. maybe somthinks isent working because i guess when i has kind of maphack he should know what is coming.

Had really hard time before. gonnaa give it a few more trys.... but i think its good against human players also because if he counters at least u avoid thinks like roaches rush because he is force togo anti air anyways...

sorry for posting this here guess it should be somewhere else....

have nice games
AI Scripts / Re: Amazing AI !! (try it out)
March 25, 2010, 06:12:02 PM
love it allso its the hardest one for me wasent able to win against it so far ( with terra.) vs zerg / Toss

at  the moment i am  having real big troubles watching replays original also and own asswell . I messed something up maybe with this base.sc2data replays will work ill give it a try.

Thanks for reposting , i agree this Ai has to have a own tread......
dont get it for me Ai switch wont work dindnt but it under trigger libs i know that, but i have the files does it work with that anyone have an idea for me?


like the luncher because you can play 1on1 on 4 player maps....
thanks cliffton for the tip with mules;)

It will save me tousend of minerals in my futur sc2 gaming;)

good you noticed it even if switch of videos where at that moment.

ps: maybe someone knows how to switch off interface .

Had some better games before  (i dindnt play better but it was more interesting) than that one , maybe ill catch 1vs2 today....

Hi video is there:
game wasent to interesting, first one i captured so i messed around with healthbars and view.

starcraft 2 beta star crack 6.1.1 gameplay videoTry our new player

2nd) some mor fun nuklera strike slow motion capture:

starcraft 2 beta starcrack gameplay 2/2(terra nukl...Try our new player

its played with starcrack v6.1.1 thanks to the devs there i love it, this game i won but in 1vs2 Ai havent been able to beat it!  keep up the good work

If you like more Videos tell me i could  do a 1vs2 also then u will likely see me lossing.
But guess it isent to interresting at all......

Again i wanna appreciate the work of all the people who make it possibe for me to play! and have challenge with starcraft2 Beta i love yya;)

with starcrack luncher i am able to watch my own replays.... so i could upload replay asswelll......

Hope you like it.