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yes i have 2 post in this forum but i played 5 yrs warcraft 3, 3 yrs wow, 4 yrs starcraft ...

im no nub, this is a new forum only =)

hope theres still people that want to make happy someone instead of profiting in ebay something they recieved as a reward D:
Hello everyone, well i surrender now.. i live in chile and we never get any beta or previous game of any type, dont know why NA and EU games discrimenate us D: i have 15mb bandwich, a mbp new... 7 blizzard games, etc =( i have been looking for any contest, tried to buy, waited everything.. but ill never recieve a key cuz im from latin america.. fare not? they think we live in trash and eat worms and we dont ever get nothing

so, if anyone has a spare key pls i would love to be the reciever i would be realy really happy (or for bday present hahahaha its tomorrow xD) and by first time experience a game before the 5 months of the reall lauch =/

thx averyone, my mail is

long live and prosperity :)
 ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
ive been reaallly waiting for this moment  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

hope lan support gets soon i jus wanna destroy my friends :D