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Quote from: [mrn] on April 04, 2010, 05:01:34 AM
That ""-subtitle is something you'd need to work with. The font is pretty terrible, bevel-effect looks like it's done with default settings and overall it just doesn't look good.

thanks for the advice .. but i think i like it this way.. it's just a matter of taste.. i can make what you say .. will look cooler for you maybe .. for some1 else maybe not :P.. tbh i tried to do some other things. but overall it was only more .. how to say overwhelmed.. alot of things were going on.. i think this is the middle between shiny and simple.
will load fast not that slow as you think, guys haven't you seen flash sites??, everything could be 3mb. Xwoa maybe check the picture of how it will integrate with the website ;).. oh and yeah evrything is getting boring after a while :P

however my idea was the blizz logo to be crashed only "on the first page" and for all other pages it goes only darkblizz along with the menu (there isn't smashing doors)

Starcraft II Beta / Re: Emulate
April 03, 2010, 03:49:51 PM
Quote from: Dystino on April 02, 2010, 05:32:14 AM
Freakin Awesome! :D I love the developers of StarCrack!  :jig:  I've been waiting for something that you can use for multiplayer/lan but haven't found anything. Just a site where they´re making an emulator but if they get this to work I have no idéa what im going to do! Scream or shoot myself! xD

hahaha! :D yeah me2 LOL.. this is simply AWESOME!

i just.. mmm there is still alot of work to be done GL
you have done whole new template! ;p

what programs did you used.. photoshop/dreamweaver  only or?
Quote from: Rain[sun] on March 30, 2010, 02:57:41 PM
Andrew Kramer invented the idea of closing doors. He's gonna sue you.

haha :P
OK you say "CLOSING DOORS" as in my entry is stealing content?

Do you want me to point out at least 10 concepts how dors are closing??

That tutorial is verry veryy old. i learned those stuff doing it from andrew kramer and couple of other people which i paid.. and no i did not used project files or whatever.

How is this stealing work of others i really dont know.. i'v made this project from scratch in after effects.. the idea which was mine was to SMASH the original blizzard logo and the reborning of darkblizz!! (you see that somewhere in andrew kramer tutorials?)

So to make two dors closing is only 5 mins work. (the door crashing was the LOL easiet work.. only key some frames and animate it)
This project took me 3 days of hard work.. what about the background behind the darkblizz logo? the smoke the light etc etc.. i can't say i "invented" the FX but i combined more FX that i learned stuff from reading/watching tutorials .. (HOW ELSE Could you do that)? i am not Adobe expert in AE or Flash.. ARE YOU?
even people that create stuff in paint use techniqes from more advanced users.. and that is stealing concept? uhh you are so wrong..

i really dont know how to defend my self. but this aint stealing design from some1 .. Andrew Kramer have one thing in common with my entry.. closing doors ( and thousnds of other banners/logos intros or whatever)

Tell me if am not right!!

Again this project took me 3 days of hard work.. no editing from project files but everything was my work! .to prove that.. try to download the project from andrew and try to make it as i did if you can..

how i did it:

1. I'v found pattern of steal metal on google. i edited it in photoshop.
2. Animate the doors..
3. Key the logo
4. Paint the logo with alpha chanel in photoshop
5. Create lights in the background for the darkblizz logo
6. Create particles for the lights to appear only when the light moves (i am not gonna explain how.. but its a bit complicated process)
7. Make FX like smoke is falling in the backround
8make flash of blue when the original blizzard is smashed from the door
9. Make sparks when the original blizzard logo is smashed to make it look like some plasma smash or something..
10. Final tweeks like color adjustments etc etc

11 making concept how can you integrate all this on the forum
12 animating the botoom bar and the top bar.
13 animating the text
14 animating the on mouse hover (the animated atom)
15 animating other texts.
16 creating the illusion how the real thing would be when its uploaded on real website

17 sounds. ( i googled and edited various sounds to achieve the effect)
18 sync the sound with the animation
19 making final tweaks (i.e. quilty/size cuz this would be used for website need appropriate file size)
20 final collor corrections
21 rendering.. finish

and more i belive i'v forgut somethings!
its not edditing but creating from scratch !!
nice and simple. I like it
oh thanks for the nice comments! i really didn't expect to impress someone so much. No i am not working in design studio. Just gave my best to win the contest here ^^... and big applaud to andrew kramer and creative cow.. as well some other books which helped me to develop my skills in After Effects, but at the end the imagination is the most important.
Quote from: theStig on March 26, 2010, 10:09:55 AM
it's shiny but won't work out. consider this animation playing on every page load? totally annoying.

other than that, not bad. you obviously like watching andrew kramer  :whistle:
andrew kramer rocks! and couple of more peeps as well :)

who said will load on every page? well it can be done only for the first page for full animation  and for the other pages it dosnet have to animate ;) for the other pages lets say could only animate the background i mean the lights.. i didn't expect this kind of criticism.. this logic is simply flawed.

QuoteHey there

Made in flash ?? why dont upload it on webspace and show us the flash   version?

Still good work at all, just:

One thing i don't   like: the Blizzard Logo at the beginning of the Animation

it's done in after effects i haven't made this in flash i just designed the look in AE and rendered it as moive however this project can all be reworked in Flash and work interactive "as shown in the video" but thats another hell off a time consumption since i wasted alot now to make this out i wont go further till the end of the contest (which means if Myst likes it and picks me as a winner ill work it out with him in flash directly on the forum here implementing it)

you dont like that the blizzard original logo is shown at the begining? well i dont know how to impress otherwise :). i mean thats the idea to SMASH the original blizzard and DarkBlizz is reborn ^^
have better idea?
well why don't you offer yourself to help him.
however the guy made this in order to win a beta key, but don't forget, this will also help the comunity if build correctly. I have looked in his code as well and i noticed some lack of security prtocols, but my knowledge in this area are very limited. What i say here is help him to patch his work and by the best means even if it wins the contest would be the best for all of us.. who the fuck cares how the site will look how cool graphics will have if there isn't functionality. And what the f** is so much important to win the key. Somethings are more important than other. My state seems to discriminates the works of the others (including mine) but let's be honest!! Maybe Myst in the first place shouldn't allow graphical contest :P , nevertheless i' have found this contest very interesting.. pushing the people to their limits everyone making their best, i have seen admirable graphical works (i very much liked 'em) but again.. graphics are non comparable with the functional scripts.

help this guy if you can please!

p.s. to the owners of the site: Please change this hosting asap it sux pretty much :P
Quote from: turdburgler on March 01, 2010, 08:32:05 PM

StarCrack AI



why not here?
i like it, and if you add a little bit of 3D on the text would be even better!