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Epic Fail

My Fav slideshow on youtube :D
Thanks though it didnt help

But i am tired of trying locally

are you on hamachi

and did you bought the original cause i want the cracked version

and if you are on hamachi please link me the server and pass

WOW almost got a HEART Attack

At first i thought it was just a random video WTF

few I am ok ok  :ticked:
Thanks dude

I will be sure to tjek it here after 7 pm (G.T 2)
my net is to slow now form 7 am - 7 pm i dont have speed at all

I see your new

Be sure to add me if SC 2 is released

P.S I am a noob in Starcraft  ::)
Thanks for helping 

But I dont have any friends that wants to play it yes it is sad
So my only hope is to play with a few people in South Africa
and those are the only 2 servers i can join i managed my server
with a gatway editor

P.S there are almost 4 online after 5 o'clock so that is few


South Africa doesnt play old games
Some of the people got Starcraft 2 beta keys
Others doesnt play because they are scared of getting owned
LoL i am a noob 2 so i will get owned but practice makes perfect

I have a problem joining any channel
I cant join servers because i have a cracked version  :-[
( I forgot my starcraft pack in the hostil now it is 200 Miles away  :bangshead: )

I keep getting this error

your internet connection is either very poor or is not prpscessomg
UDP packets through port 6112. You will be able to chat but you
will not be able to play games. Contackt your inteternet service
provider or your adminastrator for assistance with opening this port

The server i am trying to connect is or both time zone 2

Please people help me  :'(
But am i worth it  that is what i actually want to know  :-[

  2009: So here i am sitting and playing Dawn of War ( Don't know witch   one sorry forgot ) in the hostel and a few of my Friends began to chat   about Statcraft 2 and it caught my ear i did not know what it is. I only   know Warcraft 3 dota so I asked out and they laughed at me and told me i   felt bad after they introduced me to Starcraft and Brood Wars I played   the campaign and finished it but could not play online because i am in a   hostel
  2010:I was a FAN of Blizzard and register an account on their website so   that i can get a key for the beta to
  but i did not got one I got a few Strategies of a mag called nag
  so here is my reasons why i don't deserve a beta key:
  I sux at multiplayer
  I live in South Africa
  My Internet ain't the best of them all
  I cant win Hard bot on starcraft 2 All in one
  but i still want one i want to play online
  experience game play i want to train to become a pro
  I mean we all were noobs at a point so why cant i be one now ?
  my point is i want one and chances of getting one aint looking good
  so if you think I am worth it please tell me
  P.S I watched some of husky's Starcraft 2 vids
Give me a action figure getting owned  :jig:
General / Re: What is genesis
March 25, 2010, 01:54:43 AM
This sound awesome so how do i setup it and the key
i have starcraft 1 but a digital at so i dont have one
and do you guys chat there sorry for being stupid :bangshead:
General / Re: What is genesis
March 24, 2010, 06:24:27 PM
Is it just darkblizz people chatting there or the whole
Guys and Madeleine 

There is no way that anybody will just give it to you

(Sorry for underline and bold buttons wont respond)

Unless you buy it win it or a really greate friend will give it to you
I really want one 2 but face it the only way you are getting online
is to wait for the game release I am sick of ai and want to lan with
friends family but i cant cause there aint any options like that
i am cant play online with a beta key cause i live in South Africa
but i will play with lag so get over it

P.S have a look at the "Give me a big burning apple pie" game Furom its fun

General / What is genesis
March 24, 2010, 04:06:41 PM
Hey i am new so dont kill me if i did something wrong here

First of thanks for this AWESOME website love it

So here i was specing all the cool stuff on darkblizz and i came on this program call genesis i downloaded it and it is missing a file called


so i went and download it
i got the program workin and now it throughs errors at me everytime i try joining a channel

i saw it is a chatting program but do you guys and girl chat on it or is it a program that you are testing things on it myst i am confused thanks

If i did something stupid (  :bangshead: ) i would be doing it and something tells me i will if someone tells me what this program is for if it is for chatting guide me so that i can join you guys and girls PLEASE

Thank you

Awesome Guitar


Dont mess with my Irack FRIEND ok  lmao

Give me a epic battle pic or vid dont care

Greate job :thumbsup:

Here is your epic fail video

Epic Fail


how to embed YouTube video is your post

this one was posted cause i failed to get the vids on the forum  :'(

Give me a bunny owning everyone