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Works for me. To detect which player you are: all we need to do is just read the value from sc2.exe + C4C018, then store it in a register or empty addy and when you hit * it switches between all = 0 and back to your player.
That will solve the issue that someone asked for to auto detect your player...can't remember who asked for it. As for not losing control, we shouldn't use this address, unless you want to take the time to find out where it changes you lose control (Local Player) AND change the "You can't control this unit" problem.

Now as this would take a bit longer than a method that hasn't been discussed yet and will hold off until we are able (the beta version doesn't give us the option to use the undisclosed method, because all the features aren't available yet)

If you have another idea in mind, directx hacking or whatever, I'd love to hear some of your thoughts.
Malu05 - you are correct. That is the current way people are creating the maphack. I made the same thing a little while back. I have some ideas on how to find the needed address for what you are thinking of. I think you should private message me and we could talk. I can also explain what is needed to have it detect which player you are....super easy and only involves 2-3 lines added. I used the same method for a wc3 mh. So if you/CraniX want to message me, feel free.

As for the people that don't like maphacks - Don't use it. No amount of "you're dumb and stupid for making this" will stop it from happening. I LIKE to create game hacks. I've downloaded several games just to do this. Most of the time, I won't even play the game after. Don't get me wrong though, I love SC and hate when someone mhs against me. I don't see a challenge in beating someone using it. Hence why I don't use it when I play.