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This one should work well with the current setup.

Opted for darker text, rather than the red. Felt the red kinda clashed with the new "goldish" color.

On a side note, I can provide the PSD nicely organized with layers and effects ;) can also make any changes you need ;)



I wanted to warn everyone out there and spread the word of these scammers! If you see this, REPORT IT!

I have come across an eBay seller, trying to sell a guide on "How to Play Starcraft 2 Beta Offline vs AI" for $20 a pop! We all know this is completely free and beyond the point that this guy is ruining the entire Offline AI community by Illegal trying to gain profits from these modifications.

The developers of these AI Scripts have spent a lot of time and effort and have specifically made a point of providing this mod for free.

Do not ever pay someone for the Starcraft II Beta Offline AI mod. If you see this, report it to the proper authorities. Do not let these scammers win!

Keep your eyes peeled guys! Report any leads here so we can take these guys down
AI Scripts / StarCrack AI Mod v5.1
March 01, 2010, 06:25:38 PM
5.1 ChangeLog

- AI Expands earlier (JPeterson)
- The AI will expand relentlessly now.
- Zerg fast expands!
- Timing modifications
- You may now see the AI acting a lot differently and less predictable

What's comming in V 6.0:

- New state system, this will mean less AI stalling. The AI will make
complete use of his minerals. This should make him hard enough to warrant
different difficulty settings. He will also be using multiple, builds
and mixing it up a lot more.

SC2 Tools / [NOTICE] Read Me!
March 01, 2010, 06:10:19 PM
There are various beta launchers currently going around to play the offline Starcraft 2 beta maps. At this point in time the most stable and trusted is the LazyTown Lancher v2.

Use discretion when using any other beta launcher. The only files you should ever have to replace in your Starcraft 2 folder, is the Base.SC2Data file for AI play. This file is the AI file. Check for the most recent AI release here. I recommend staying away from any other "AI mods" that have other file modifications. Just be patient and the next AI mod will be released.

Be cautious of fakes, and stay away from anything that asks you to modify more than the Base.SC2Data file, especially if someone that uses your SC2 for online play, as this is the perfect opportunity for key loggers to sneak in.

If you are unsure, just stick to the tried and true. Use LazyTown Launcher 2 and select a Map. It's that simple.

I repeat, if a Beta Launcher doesn't work, stick to just using the LazyTown Launcher
AI Scripts / Starcraft 2 Beta Offline AI Maps
March 01, 2010, 02:31:01 PM

This thread will be updated as new maps are released.
2 Player Maps (You & 1x AI):

4 Player Maps (You & 3x AI):

5 Player Maps (You & 4x AI):

6 Player Maps (You & 5x AI):

All Of The Above Maps:

In an effort to keep this list clean, please PM me to add to this list.