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Fun Forum / Why did the probe cross the road?
April 01, 2010, 04:23:05 AM
Why did the probe cross the road?
Answer: To warp in a proxy pylon.

Why did the zergling cross the road?
Answer: It's a trap!
        Is there a way to display the building placement grid to simplify   wall-ins? Is there any list of keyboard shortcuts available somewhere?
        Also, what are the new unit/building sizes?:
General Discussion / Use your illusion custom map
March 05, 2010, 03:21:07 AM
Has anyone managed to beat this custom map?:

It starts as a normal FFA game (because there doesn't seem to be any other way of starting it), and after a while a huge multiracial force of Ultralisks, Thors, Motherships (yes, more than one), phoenixes, etc starts eliminating all PC players and yourself.

In the center of the map, there's a huge mass of medivacs healing the army from time to time.

Only way I currently see of beating it, is destroying the player 2 buildings as quickly as possible, because the forces seem to belong to player 2.
Haven't tried it again yet tough.

There isn't enough time to build sufficient forces to destroy the army, unless I'm too slow.
Rush nukes maybe, but even that might take too much time.
And it destroyed one of my observers, so it might even have observers in there. :/

Mmh, or the use your illusion replay technique...  ::)

The following 2 videos are 100% confirmed fake. DO NOT INSTALL IT.

I found this today (after searching for a video demonstrating the lazytown crack):
Starcraft II Beta Multiplayer Crack 2/20/2010 - Download and Demonstration

Almost same video with different links:
Star Craft II Beta Multiplayer Bypass!!!

It seems to require login info, so I'm guessing it's a keylogger or worse and not a real crack, especially since the video was posted on the 20th and says it already allows online multiplayer...

Still, I would like some confirmation on this. Is it a fake?
If it is, users should be warned.

P.S.: The correct video I was looking for: SC2 - Beta Working Offline