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Trash Can / sc2 beta
March 18, 2010, 06:40:31 PM
Anyone who get in beta feel like having a 2v2 partner?

I don't know anyone and I feel bored by myself! lol
General Discussion / Dealing With Carriers
March 10, 2010, 10:48:40 AM
As I have been playing the AI over and over I have come across one thing that still gives me a lot of trouble. I know half of it is my fault for not pestering them enough, but how do you deal with carriers as a protoss player when you have a more balanced mix of units made. It seems like stalkers and phoenixes are useless. Psionic storm got super nerfed and I don't think immortals attack air. Should I try archons, or perhaps just make more carriers than them? Protoss used to have scouts which were some of the strongest Anti air units in the game and now they feel like a phoenix is a replacement? bleh

Terran vikings aren't that great but at least I've got thors, battlecruisers /w y cannon, and seeker missiles. I think seeker missiles have the potential to be the new Psionic storm. I still have a little trouble with a mass of carriers as terran, but I don't feel like their AA is as worthless as protoss.

To be honest I haven't really had this issue with zerg because the comp is so easy to overwhelm early on with zerg and I haven't gotten the chance to let them build up to carriers lol. I don't know how corruptors weigh in on the AA fight. I know you can always have a crap ton of hydras to take care of business though! They should bring back scourge imo though.