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General Discussion / Like anime? want a beta key?
April 07, 2010, 10:45:34 PM
Ok so dont laugh, well Laugh if you want i really dont care, but im a anime fan, i know im a total nerd and im cool with that. But im really looking for a place to watch them all 100% episodes working dubbed. Naruto,bleach etc. If you have this i have an account you can use with the beta.
Not enough Pylons / weird crash?
March 28, 2010, 01:46:33 PM
Ok so im using a gforce gt 220,. used to run sc2 fine, rollbacked the drivers today due to new drivers sucking, played sc2 again fine. friend came over so i closed the game and we watched a movie. He left and i tried to reopen sc2 to get this

Shaders/Model.fx failed to open with return code 537067530

Reinstalled deleted all the caches etc. nothing
anyone ever see this.

happened outa nowhere
By their sheild i mean the defense Matrix, Seemed like it was a advancement towards their technology and now nothing, Did they just abandoned hope or have i just not explored all their abilities yet
looks like their shooting for at least 12 maybe even 16 :) Would be fun to do a 8v8 lol Im def gonna need to upg my computer o.O
Not enough Pylons / about the 6 player maps
March 11, 2010, 12:48:33 PM
metalapolis or w/e keeps getting invalid mainstate to whoever is on the double entrance base on the bottom, Any suggestions ive tried downloading the map again
this video should sum things up
Hitler's Starcraft 2 Downfall
As from what i can see there still in the campaign, ive seen medics,lurkers,devours,guardians,uberlisk, Scourges, vultures and more. So i think They will just not be available in ladder ranked games.

but the map editor has Unlimted potential so of course you can just goto the custom games list and play a reg game that added the units and lurker defense etc will still be around.
Taken From the Starcraft 2 Beta froums:
This guide will explain how to setup custom keys for SC2. I plan to post files on web so that the files won't need to be extracted manually. I also plan to create a GUI that will allow users to edit the custom keys and generate the needed output files (just like the one I made for Warcraft III). These are the steps to creating custom keys for StarCraft II:

1. Download and install Ladik's MPQ Editor (
2. Open Mods\Liberty.SC2Mod\enUS.SC2Data*
3. Extract LocalizedData\GameStrings.txt to Starcraft II Beta directory
4. Open Mods\Liberty.SC2Mod\Base.SC2Data*
5. Extract GameData\UnitData.xml

* Note: Make sure to close the data files or open in read-only mode when running SC2

The GameStrings.txt is for hotkeys and UnitData.xml file is for button positions. You can edit these files as needed for use on (Note: The GameStrings.txt will work in the root directory but the UnitData.xml must be in the GameData direcotry.)

For example, in GameStrings.txt there are lines such as:
You can change any of the Button/Hotkey/... lines to modify hotkeys such as:

For button positions, look for lines containing LayoutButtons:
<LayoutButtons Face="MovePatrol" Type="AbilCmd" AbilCmd="move,Patrol" Row="0" Column="3"/>
You can move the patrol down 2 rows by changing the row that it is in:
<LayoutButtons Face="MovePatrol" Type="AbilCmd" AbilCmd="move,Patrol" Row="2" Column="3"/>
General Discussion / Alot of Patch 3 problems,
March 05, 2010, 03:35:25 PM
If i were you i would not patch just yet, seems to be alot of crashing problems on the Sc2 beta forums.
To prevent people from selling the keys you must now Check your account they will add the game for you.
Not enough Pylons / Known, Starcraft 2 Video Issues
March 05, 2010, 01:35:33 PM

We're getting reports where users are getting intermittent low FPS after installing these drivers. It seems that it is related to the fan control included in these drivers not working correctly and is causing the video card to overheat on 3D applications. This will affect Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft and StarCraft 2 Beta. Please uninstall the drivers and revert back to the older ones.

Windows XP:
Windows XP 64-bit:
Windows Vista/7 32-bit:
Windows Vista/7 64-bit:

More information can be found on threads such as these:

For FPS Problems:
Quit the game first, then look under your My Documents/Starcraft II Beta folder, you should find a Variables.txt file there. You can open this file with your favorite text editor such as Notepad, and add the following line:

frameratecapglue=30 (Menu's)
frameratecap=60 (Everything else)

This will cap your framerate to 60 in the game, which should give your videocard some breathing room. You can put any number, see if a lower number like 30 helps as well, though you will lose framerate.

This is only a temporary workaround, an upcoming patch will have an automatic solution for everyone.

Hope this helps!

also please note sometimes when patching or installing Files can also get corrupted, Try to reinstall if the previous does not work.
General Discussion / other units not included.
March 04, 2010, 08:55:55 PM
Ive noticed In campaign videos there are still units like the medic you think they will ever be released in multiplayer too. Who knows what familar units are still in the game and not on the beta?