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Subject, and the same result is that when I load up the map, its all Fog of war. No spawn points or anything, it does not matter what AI, loader, or map I use.
Mine does this alot, usually at least 5 times a match. Needless to say, very annoying. The game runs perfectly fine at 50 FPS on custom (mostly medium and high)

My processor is a single core, but seriously it runs FINE in between the freezing. Video card is 9800GTX, 4 gigs dd2 ram, etc.
I'm not sure what download started it, I have tried replacing the base files with other AI scripts etc. The game starts off with two CC's, Nexuses, or Hatcheries. like 14 gatherers and everything is built two of, at the cost of one. Very unrealistic, how can I stop it?