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hey  ;), I'm quite old around here but I never posted because I never feel like I had to, but I found this and I want to share it, it might be old (was posted by another website but on December 2010!) but it means that they might be following this schedule (which might all of u be aware and not me lol).
General Discussion / Starcraft 2 patch 16 question
July 07, 2010, 03:12:32 PM
I was searching on the new Starcraft 2 patch 16, and looking on the mpq file patch.SC2archive under units there is something called Symbiote under the zerg units, is that a new unit? (Since I don't have a complete knowledge about these files) this Symbiote have its deaths animations on m3 file, under Terran I found a SPIDER MINE.m3 file and a magnetic mine.m3 file. Also I Just found on structures something called Psi Indoctrinator under Terran Structures. I don't want to rise false speculations but are those new? or they were   included previously? I would appreciate any your answers.