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I have done this in 1500x600 i think.This can be used as banner or   animated logo or maybe even a intro. Thats why i didn't want to match   the size of the site banner for now. If you like it and wanna use it, i   will rework it really fast and upload it with the size and desiered   format, font or anything that needs to be changed.  turn the speakers ON as well :)  darkblizzwhat do you think?    edit: i would like to tell ya guys how i had the idea about this :P ..  first i didn't tough that i will participate in this contest at all cuz i   don't expect that i will win, there are alot of competative guys out   there (thats good!) BUT yesterday i had a dream how blizzard released   the game without lan and was lagging as hell heheheh :) ).. so i   wanted to SMASH blizz when i woke up.. and from here is the inspiration   how the original blizz logo is smashed and afterwords DarkBlizz is born   :P

Darkblizz web theme

and here is a pic

dont forget again. if you dont like the colors how the blue matches the site i will change it right away.. however i really liked the blue background ^^

Critics please! xD

SC2 Beta Key Contest March2010 / blizz font?
March 21, 2010, 05:59:12 PM
Can someone PLEASE give me the blizzard logo font? it's seems i cant find it :/
Starcraft II 2.0 Emulator (Online Gaming)

may be interesting.. however i half understand him ;p
first of al, i am really sorry if this kind of post isnt for this forum.. but i didn't find this somehow violating the forum rules..  and if this was posted somewhere else as well (which i couldn't find) please remove it, and sorry for the problems i made for you.
so some people did made a pettition.. this sometimes helps!

here is the link:
beg blizz to make it! ^^
StarCraft 2 Beta Multi B.Net Crack Bypass 3/15/2010

Ok i am a bit confused.. is this a crack that allows multiplayer (LAN) or is baypassing the beta key and allows you to play on or what else? i dont know..
i follwed the link and tried to install the crack... but i could not manage to get the crack cuz of some seruveys, and i wasnt able to test nothing..

please explain me what is this .. and actually is this really working?
Hello guys, ill use this topic to say very much thank you for the awesome work by allowing allot of people to have the chance to try the game in beta.. at least against AI.

i don't recommend you to read this strategy since after that it wont be   interesting to play against AI 6.1 cheating ;p (there wont be a   challenge)
Map: Blistering Sands
Zerg (human) vs Protos (AI 6.1 cheating)
send all drones on minerals.
build drones till 9/10 limit
build overlord
build 3 more drones
build spawning pool
build 2 more drones
build gas extractor
build overlord while the spawning pool is building
build queen
send 3 drones to the extractor
(use the larva spawn ability from the queen when there is no larva)
build roach waren
build 8 roaches first
dont forget to build overlord in the meanwhile
couple of more drones (to have 14 drones on minerals and 3 on the gas extractor)
build second extractor 2 more drones and get one from the minerals put it in the extractor
Upgrade the center
build more raoches in the meanwhile
upgrade burrow, and movement speed of the roaches
build Spire (if the game is prolonged somehow so you can counter attack his air strike)-build 2-3 corruptors for any case if you think its possible that he will get air units.. if you see 2 than build more corruptors
go for natrual explansion and build a extractor with second drone in the exansion
play style

Since you get your first 8 roaches group them and go for attack
how to play with roaches vs zealots
Select your roaches attack them and as soon as they deliver their first attack move them back for a bit.. than again attack and again back.. (with the first roaches you will don't have the movement speed upgraded for the roaches.. so for the first attack you will need a bit micro so you can save your roaches..
this means.. while you run and attack back.. the most dmged roach will have to be send back to your base while the others attack and so on..) this will need you some practice..
in the meanwhile i dont forget to build more roaches and send them to the battle field.. keep the pressure as much as you can.. if you see any stalker .. kill them first. cuz they tear the roaches apart.. you must not let him to build more stalkers or you will have problem.
i suggest you group your center on (5) on keyboard and Queen on (4) while you attack set the rely point to a roach so you will get reinforsments all the time you keep the pressure (but be aware if that roach dies the rely point will be set there where the roach died)

so use your hotkeys to win this game.. grouped (1) roaches grouped (2) corrupots (if you have some) (w) to burrow it underground if some need to regenerate. (w) again to unburrow them.. select your center while you attack (5) press (S) to select larvas , press (R) to build roaches, select your queen by pressing (4) press twice (4) and the camera will move to the selected building/unit (in our case the queen) press (r) while your queen is selected and trow it on the center to get more larvas.. (dont forget to use the queen quite often.. it's crucial to do it as long as there are no larva around the center and the queen have the energy to do the ability.

this is what i used. This took me 1 day of wiping on the 6.1 AI :) .. i was reading zomg its too easy too easy.. but i couldn't understand how they win the computer..
some people were saying defend your first attack with zerglings than rush a bit.. or some1 go on fast expansion.. bla bla.. i just couldnt do it. so i decided to build my own tactics.. to go directly on roaches
since i started to play aggressive i saw that here lies the key to victory (the best defense is offense) :)