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AI Discussion / Best AI!
April 10, 2010, 09:59:38 PM
Hi guys, I never saw any poll about the best AI so I decide to make one. In this ways we can help people to improve their skill more efficiently and reward the hardest working AI developers with least I guess it won't become a burden for them..
I don't know if u guys had already see this or not, but this is posted in Starcraft official site. It didn't show any date of its release, but for all the detail I saw on the page I think the real game is about to come out soon....
General Discussion / Need help on improving APM
April 09, 2010, 09:03:43 PM
Hi guys, I am a SC2 fan who had a little bit SC experiences, had played SC2 for a month now. I had understand most concept of common techniques against different race and counters to most units but what really pains me is my APM.

From my replay I can see, my average APM is currently around 49-54 (get to 60 when I spam apm intentionally in the early stage). I am reallying struggling as no matter how hard I try my APM never really pass 60 APM.

P.S. Many high level replays really showed the power of high APM, normally a pro player would go up to 100-120
       SC2 standard APM. However what troubles me is where did all those APM go? At least at my level of exp
       I had failed to see it. Any tips where did it go?
AI Discussion / AI - wats to improve
April 09, 2010, 08:16:27 PM
Hi guys I am a huge SC2 fan who like most of you don't have a beta key. I had played many AIs, including the most famous Strategy semi cheat AI and Starcrack AI. However through the playing process, I find numerous flaws in those AIs. For now I am just gonna go with Strategy AI since it is the most capable one out here.

In general: ※I found the AI can not held off a good timing push. [ex. As Terran, a good M&M ball with stim
                     research on the way (by that I mean stim research will be done right when you step in AI's
                     base) can end the game in 10mins]. However, I also find if give the AI a chance to expand, it will
                     put up an interesting fight.
                   ※After watching replay I figured that the main reason why AI lose to timing push is that they
                     expand to early. In most case, I will be at his door at 8 mins which coincidently the time it expand.
                     A typical case directly cost 400 mineral gone boom instead of use it on army or base defense.
                   ※Destructible rock problem, I think starcrack had solved it.
                   ※Dropship harass would really lift the AI.

Terran AI:   ※AI never research stim instead it always go for shield. (2.2 did well on stim research but for some
                     reasons it is gone in 3.1)
                   ※Reaper harass seemed to be less frequent, instead more Banshee harass (Banshee take more
                     time to actually become a threat, and in most case the game won't be that far).

Protoss AI:  ※Charge need to be research more frequent in the game (it is ok to not have it when AI is going
                      mech build, but when its army is composed into a zealot heavy bulit, charge really makes the
                    ※Nicely done on warpgate, but it will be more smoky to see proxy pylons:D

Zerg AI:       ※AI pushes too late, zerg supposes to have map control advantages. By the time it attacks
                      which is about 10-11mins, all the strategic advantage as a zerg has lost. It can't push into a
                      a defensive players base, nor have chance stand against any aggressive player.
                    ※Sorry if I am asking a bit too much, but a worm in my base pumping bugs may really help on
                      improving the difficulty of the AI.

Overall except the AI can't stand a timing push (big flaw), rest of the suggestions are just additions that would make the AI more diverse.

I think it is everyone's responsibility to give feedbacks to the AI developers, this way we can contribute the very least in helping them develop great AIs.

Thanks for reading,

Not enough Pylons / Shakuras Plateua crush
March 30, 2010, 11:23:23 PM
Hi guys,
  I am really running out of pylon. I can play any map except shakuras plateua, everytime I am trying to load up the map, it crushed while still in loading screen. I sort it is possibly beuz the map file is damaged. So I downloaded shauras from numerous different website. But it turns out the map still crushes. Please help me if you know how to fix it. I really like that map .