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AI Discussion / Working AI
December 09, 2011, 02:01:27 AM
Hey guys

I've been away from gaming for a long time, but i do remember the closed beta for SC2 and i found an old installer StarCraft II Beta enUS 13891

That specific version

I was wondering if theres a good guide that still works in installing that, patching, and getting a decent, workable AI going so that i can get my friends together and play lan. i cant afford the game right now, and cant download the full game due to download limits

And as i remember, for a long time there was problems with AI not expanding bases, etc

So im just curious if theres a clear, simple guide with working download links to get that version up and going still
AI Discussion / Strategy AI Openings
July 12, 2010, 03:58:25 AM
Hey guys
ok so my problem is strategy's difficulty level. its way to easy, but at the same time, i dont want a bot that cheats and sends an unrealistic amount of units at you
So i tried installing some openings, found in the comments to the strategy download. and none of them work. i put them in the correct folders. the bots just do the exact same thing as always
i want to know how to get the custom openings to work so the bots are better
Note: my sc2beta is at the latest version
So, heres the steps i take to install strategy Download Strategy AI 0.31 from here ( non-cheating )
Install into my AI folder with the SC Launcher 2.4.3, which has an AI Folder now with strategy and starcrack ( i tried installing to other locations and it says Base.SC2Data is missing or something like that )
I install the latest update to 0.42 over the 0.31
I then add the openings to the correct locations - i got the extra openings from the comments to the 0.31 download on this website for 0.42
start the launcher, select teams, races, and go. the bots only start up on AI maps. and dont work on normal maps.
The bots build bases and only a phew units. after you kill a phew units, they dont build anymore , dont rush, and dont scout
Support / Online Question
June 30, 2010, 05:54:52 PM
Hey guys

I use the Starcraft 2 Beta Launcher 0.28, it seems to be the best working one with the 7.0 starcrack AI. and runs very smooth and well with AI and the online ladder is cool

But im wondering if any of these launchers will do something like GArena did with dota ( and you dont need a legit version or cdkey version of war3/dota, it works with cracked versions )

were you can play online with mates. via "lan" but online. so 1 person can host and all your mates can jump on using a launcher.

AI Discussion / AI Question Regarding Starcrack
June 30, 2010, 05:51:59 PM
Hey guys

ok , i just play for fun, im not interested in playing super hard bots that rush you so quick its like omgwtfbbq,

But ive noticed on very easy the Terran race will win almost every time against protoss and zerg. they rush really quickly

is there a way to fix this, make them rush slower? or spend more time building and making bigger armys, or sending smaller armys to attack

Or a bot that doesnt just rush. the games always over before i can explore advanced buildings and try things