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General / Re: [RELEASE] LoLEtal v0.5 open beta
November 16, 2011, 12:54:27 PM
I know this hasn't been updated in months, but I recently stumbled across it. It still kind of works, with a few bugs:

  • The bot always picks summoner's rift as the first map
  • The bot cannot level up skills. When the debug tooltip says "leveling up 'q'" or whatever, the game says "you have not learned that ability yet." Has the hotkey changed?
  • When the bot loses, it sits at the defeat screen saying "waiting for stats screen." Eventually the bot will completely restart (I think) allowing it to start a new game and eventually do 12 games.
  • If you click the "continue" button for the bot, it will sometimes make the next game, but often screws up.
  • The bot doesn't do 12 games and/or 12 games doesn't get you to level 5 anymore. I set the bot up to run overnight, and status.ini reported 12 games in the morning, but the bot was only level 4.

Still, the bot mostly worked, as it got an account to level 4 overnight. Any chance for an update soon? Thanks!