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Quote from: Blower on March 13, 2010, 01:10:52 PM
hey i want to start to learn something, but i dont know what.. what do you guys recommend ? valk, or the other guys what you would recommend me?, c++, scripting, coding(exactly what), reverse engineering (exactly what)? thanks a lot you guys keep up the good work !

i recommend you to know what you want to do... and if you know what you want to do you should know that you wont learn any of these in a day or even in a few weeks.. if you want to be good youll need to read amd practice a lot!! and starting with reverse engineering wihtout knowing a programming language, or better having experienxe with asm youll hardly fail..
most of these things are the same after all!
AI Discussion / Re: Creativity in AIs
March 05, 2010, 05:11:34 AM
"Welp, that's all I've got to say. Although easy, the AIs made right now is better than any that I'll ever make.
But really, kinda easy"

dont know why your so upset gg.sc2.. he never said that everything failed, he just gave some inspiration (for v6 maybe) and said things, which are really true.. there are a lot of things, which must be changed and the AI-development wont be finished soon! there still are many things to do to create a really good and bugfree AI, but v5.5 is anyway the best released ai at the moment!
im developing AI aswell and i know that its a lot of hard work to balance it and just bring in new features.. but v5.5 is not exhausting the engine blizzard made.. v6 will try to do this and be more creative.. there also are ways to interac with the player, but it needs more time to implement those.. another problem is that there is no documentation yet.. so all you are doing is "try and error" and trying to understand all of those functions (and the code is jumping around all the time, which doesnt make it easier).. many functions are not defined in the code (theyre probably defined in sc2.exe) so you can just guess what theyre doing exactly and try it out! so its no surprise that the ai development is not at the point of using creativity, counterunits or intelligent gameplay!

sc2 beta just is out for about 1 week.. thats no time for the "tools", which are already made for it.. the best thing to do is wait and see how the development goes on (remember turd ai v1 and how it has been improved till v 5.5)
the language, used to programm AI is galaxy.

but yes, the syntax is a bit similiar to c (its based on c, not to c++!! c++ is oop, c isnt and galaxy isnt aswell).. to program an ai it is veeery usefull to have some experience, especially with the basics like functions, loops and conditions, variables, ...
the given methods from blizzard for the ai are in the base.sc2data file, which is an .mpq-archive
Trash Can / Re: Re: Starcraft II - Beta Launcher
March 04, 2010, 08:34:30 AM
mirror to v 0.20 plz!!!

hmm i think these are some nice and major changes for improving the ai a lot! it also uses many more of the sc2 built in functions for the ai as before!! now were finally going to use the stuff that is supported by sc2! harassing and most of the changes ov v6 are not just new to the sc2 ai-scripts, but they are better than most of already published AI's.. or does someone knows an ai, which is harassing oO.. sounds very good but will be some work, and i hope we get a not that bugged version at least, when it is released!

its just pity that there is no reacting ai yet, but maybe itll be in v10 sometimes ;). gj so far!