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General Discussion / Re: Beta Friend Invite
May 10, 2010, 01:19:07 PM
Quote from: LoneWolf on May 10, 2010, 12:47:44 PM
Actually, I thought Ringlas's was the funniest. It was also probably one of the rare ones that weren't made up.

Thank you, LoneWolf, I appreciate that you liked it ^^
General Discussion / A tribute to totocows
May 09, 2010, 07:51:49 AM
I want to say my special thanks to totocows who gave me a beta key without being asked or something, a good guy who helped several guys from this site to feel the pleasure of being part of the beta process.

Thank you!
Site News / Re: Another Key
May 08, 2010, 05:26:49 AM
I was waiting yesterday from 5 o'clock PM till 2 o'clock AM, refreshing the site twice per minute for the expected contest and sadly but true I didn't wait long enough. Curses, my timezone is +10 hours from the US and I again missed it...  :'( No more waiting for contest, if it happens, it does. It seems that my luck is not to take a key till the official release of the game.  ???
$5 start

(via paypal, moneybookers?)
Site News / Re: Get that Key!
May 07, 2010, 12:03:10 PM
Is it claimed?
Site News / Re: 3Key Giveaway #3
May 06, 2010, 05:14:59 PM
I again missed the previous two contests in just few minutes! I sense my luck ain't with me when it comes to a beta key...

Luckily this time I saw this contest fresh from its announcement! Here is my entry:

Link to image

Unfortunately, I have to go to bed because it's getting near half past 1 AM and this is the only piece I could create before going to bed in order not to miss this contest! Good luck to all participants, Myst, I'll dream tonight how this time you like mine!  ;D 8) 
General Discussion / Re: Beta Friend Invite
May 05, 2010, 03:19:10 PM

It's been two years already since my trip to Germany but I still remember how I got my fair share of absurd stories to tell...

In Germany, I stayed at a hotel in the center of Karlsruhe. It was the late November, probably around 20th, when one night, as I was trying to get to sleep, I heard shouting in the room above. I stood still in my bed in order to hear properly what all the commotion was about. It appeared that in the room above mine there was a drunken German lad who was pissed off and was yelling at his wife/girlfriend. I tried to ignore his bizarre voice and slowly began to fall asleep. However, he was not on the same opinion. He cursed and cursed, and after a while, there was a great clash which woke me up, stressed me and I jumped out of my sheets! I was in rage! The German was hitting with a chair or some other heavy stuff the walls and floor of his room and was shaking the whole place! My roommates (we were four in a room) also woke up and starred in the dark towards the ceiling. I got so mad that I grabbed one of my slippers and throw it with as much strength I had at the ceiling! I was frustrated and I wanted to get at him back! My slipper hit the ceiling and never gotten back... I was in silence. By the way, so was the German. I turned the lights on and I my eyes searched the room for my slipper. My astonishment was great when I saw it hanging from a hole which it had made in the ceiling! I burst into laugh along with my friends. It was so damn funny that I even took a picture of it with my cell phone! I got my slipper down and my friends began to throw stuff in the hole. I joined them in their quest to fill the gap with any food we had left! :D However, later we started to think what we would say to the hotel manager, because after all, I had to pay for the damage I'd made... The next morning I went to the reception, angry as hell and I was yelling at them what kind of hotel am I paying for with such noise during the night! A drunken man shouting, crying in full voice and in the end, making a hole in my room's ceiling with his jumps! It was outrages! Or that was what I'd told them... They were so frightened of me (there were other guests who had complained earlier of the drunk and they by accident confirmed some part of my story) that the hotel manager gave me a key. A beautiful, blue, shiny key and they explained to me that this was the key to their presidential apartment and they apologize for everything. I covered up my smile and moved my luggage to our new room (my roommates were so happy). We bought a bottle of fine wine and celebrated our expansion to the better side of the hotel. It was luxurious! The toilet had ventilation! No more stink! We even managed to break the sink but we left for Munich before they'd found out. Outsmarting the system is what counts nowadays.

Quote from: 800b800 on May 05, 2010, 12:57:16 PM
I agree and I did not say that you couldn't do that I had no problem with it, but people who made theirs from scratch deserve the keys in my opinion

I agree absolutely! But I didn't have time to actually draw something good so I risk it because, after all I want it badly too! ^^ However, I will participate in your other contest with my own piece and I have enough time to do it! Personal thank you for giving such great opportunities for winning a key!
 ;D  I love to see how they jump and bite against the injustice! I saw the contest late at night on Tuesday, the deadline being Wednesday in the morning and crucial timing goes for desperate measures! In the contest nowhere was said not to use pictures from the net and I did what any designer out there had done (or is doing as a matter of fact), plagiarized. Chance is 50/50 as any processional could say and I give it a shot.  8)

However, toward the angry users fighting against all "evil" I have one thing to say, "Get Real."


I'll keep my fingers cross that you'd like it! ^^
Site News / Re: GO GO GO
May 04, 2010, 01:43:54 PM
Is it over???
Site News / Re: And Another SC2 Beta Key Contest!
May 02, 2010, 05:21:19 AM
OOoooh, I missed it!  :'(  I was sooo waiting for the next event and I missed it. Anyway, congrats to whoever claim it!
General Discussion / Re: People needing keys
May 01, 2010, 07:23:18 AM
Count me in too! I've failed so far in any way of getting a key so far  :'(

Hope remains!  ;D
Chazychaz are you from Bulgaria? Have you heard of Spike Shinoda? PM me if I am right! ^^
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