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If you have installed it after beta was finished, it is obvious that beta client needs updates. And I feel that he will not get them now. so may be you need a very old launcher version...
And one more question: does he have special strategies for each map? I guess he need it!
And I tried to make him fight with him self. Q: why the AI tries to break his own rocks on blisterig sands?
He has full vision but why zerg when killed on 1 half terran goes away, killes rocks on  Steppes of War and only after this returns and defeats terran AI?
Green Tea is good AI. But not enough. I still can make zerglings and kill him - no roaches, hydras, lair. And this is not 6 pool. This is 14 pool, 2nd hatch on main, 2 qweens, speed and +1 attack upgrades and only after this -  stupid mass lings rush.  But if I give him more time - he is unstopable.
Good idea was a wall-in for terran, but his wall always has holes so it is useless up to now. You have to improve the wall and try to make it fast.

Ok he is stronger now. My bunker rush was succesful only on second try. He tried to kill bunker and barracks. Good.
thanks. Yes I saw how he killed Ghost terran - just like me - mass mass lings & some roaches. Looks good. But there is a big job you have to do. I killed him with bunker rush from one barracks.
And it was more easy than with Strategy AI. Overlords were flying to bunker and dying. He made a qween instead of zerglings.
I dream about AI with full map vision who will be able to fix such all-in rushes.
Can we use DoXerg with Strategy AI?
SC2 Tools / Re: StarCraft II Launcher Plugin Pack
April 06, 2010, 12:20:53 PM
Thx, Doix. I always dreamed about Speed plug-in!!!!
Now We really need a Timer plug-in,
which will show game time. May be it could be done through the hot key, if it's hard to catch game start moment. Or in some file of AI scripts.
Does anybody know what are the numbers that Strategy AI 0.31 shows on screen? 1-2-3-4 and etc.
Is this game timer in minutes?
It might be good idea to include timer in AI code and show it during the game.
In latest Strategy 0.31 it is OK with AI versions now.

AI Help Section / Re: about ai 7.0
April 03, 2010, 11:40:42 AM
May be this was a cheating version of A.I.?
It has x2 resources or x1.6.
You can check it making the AI vs AI game.
 In Strategy AI 0.22 when you use GameData dir you will get a bug when press 'reasart' button.
you will see zerg and cannot control it.
There is something strange in Ghost AI 1.1. I'm playing zerg vs protoss. I'm making zergling rush. when his nexus is destroyed SC 2 is starting freeze for 5-10 sec. and unfreeze periodicaly! I think it is a little bug in AI code, maybe. Is there anyone else who got this issue?
To see how stupid he is you need to run AI vs AI in launcher.
AI is making circles version by version - retreat - don't retreat - retreat by 1/2 army etc.
Evident things:
- if cheating AI see whole map, why scouting?
- zerg: 5 drones to one extractor. why does he make speed to overlords? why are they  permanently moving?
  why do it takes so long to make speed for zerglings?
- protoss:  he does not know how to use chrono bust. he is using it only on Nexus ... when no probes are being produced inside.
- terran: nothing special but... have you seen a lot of vikings, permanently moving up and down without any reason?
I tried to understand the great goal of this. No result.
They are still collecting thousands of minerals.
In AI vs AI match I saw terran won protoss, protoss won terran, but zerg is always lose.
It could be better...
Idea with fast banshee was surprising. but when you come to him with banshee he makes ... what? Banshee! Game over. I saw it in TvT, ai vs ai.
Great job! here is my short report [about standard edition]:
in 1v1 he always gives me a chance to make a lot of zerglings (50 - 100) and kill him.
In SC1 was the same picture - kill `st wave and you'll win.
But, once again, thank you!