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Fun Forum / Re: Microman's Fact
February 23, 2010, 10:16:32 PM
Quote from: ReVoke on February 23, 2010, 07:26:38 PM
Why all bash on microman, hes a nice person, what did he ever do to you guys?

Ok since you asked:

The user MiCrOMaN1 has registered @ DarkBlizz forums on February 20, 2010. Its not a prob, I guess a lot of ppl registered around that day(17 SC Beta was released and this site offered b0t/cr4ck/emu development). His first post was this one:

QuoteYo wassup. I'm new here, so I might be kind of a noob, but one question. I went into the debug console, but when I typed dump, or show, it says =NaN. What is that suppose to mean?           

Its a nice first post greeting ppl, admitting that he is noob, etc.

Next notable post made by him is this one:

QuoteI don't think its encrypted. All we need is the source code, since the string is actually viewable.           

Ofc Blizzard never encrypt their files, they are OK with the open source development and not making the hackers/crackers lives difficult...

I am gonna ignore some of his posts, skipping to the good stuff:

QuoteThat's It! We could use a hex editor! GAH! I didn't think of that lol!

EDIT: LOL! NVM!           

Ofc he HAS used hex editor before! And for those who don't believe me , check those "LOL! NVM!", knowing those acronyms then he must be a part of Razor1911 or Reloaded, not a 16 years old lad! I still can't find the meaning of "LOL" and "NVM", guess its "hackers only" something...

And now some peeps would start to blame me being mean. So here are his LIES, misguidance and showing lack of knowledge led to misguidance of the community again:


QuoteDo you guys, have any idea how to open flash files using the debug console? It sorta behaves like a command prompt. If we can open the file, then we got it cracked

Unfortunately, It looks like it can only dump inaccessible files. Same thing happens when I type "show".

*Sigh* I think we've done it...

Stop it FFS. YOU HAVE NO IDEA, WTF are you doing, why do you lie to the community ?


Images of Progress

/clap mother's boy learned the basics of Scaleform GFX, which is actually PLAYER! Its really hard to play(open) files, isn't it?


He TEAMED with ppl who actually got some skills and could do something useful. Ofc MiCrOMaN1 took all the credits for their work, he needs his e-p... to grow.

Its a good thing that finally ppl saw what kind of ........................ he is. So DON'T tell me how cool he actually is.
Fun Forum / Re: Microman's Fact
February 23, 2010, 07:07:39 PM
Chuck Norris will punch him with the fist that comes out of his beard. Microman will press space bar and dodge it and mid air crack chuckN.dll and Chuck Norris will be defeated.

I started typing out "Microman, I need a key" and the text was replaced with a key, along with "You're welcome!"

Microman already cracked Diablo 3... Two years ago!

See what happened? I told you, the Bible of MiCrOmAn1 will be made today, I made the cover, and you are all filling these pages.

MiCrOmAn1 found that SC2 was too easy to crack, so he is cracking SC3 right now.