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bcs they are soooo cool :D... and when i mean cool i mean COOL....
Quote from: Myst on July 20, 2010, 12:56:05 PM
The question is why would Vernam do something like fake it.  I mean he has already reached popularity with his SC2Allin1, thanks to, so why would he bother faking a further his popularity?  I dunno, I'll wait to see how this all pans out.

you agree with me that having a cracked ver. of SC2 retail would not have stoped anyone sharing it to the masses (even with a fake alias if he is scared by blizz).
so my bet is that...
1. he does not have it and is searching more fame...(remember that as doix said Vernam did not cracked anything till now... all he did was an interface for lazyteam launcher)... and to remember ya more USMC23, bastmp, my research to get team,color, etc to launchers and maping all the s2ma files...first of dedicating to Bnet2 emulator that brought USMC23 a lot of problems.

2. he did what we all did... cracked the instaler till the instaling point (without the auth key) ... started to post that he did cracked the SC2... and now he can't eat his words back...

If he did  what he did... share that installer with me... and i will confirm or deny his version without realease anything... ANyway till then I'll hold my oppinion (and a lot of other trusted members of this community) on him.

Starcraft II Beta / Re: Starcraft II Crack
July 20, 2010, 01:01:12 PM
Quote from: Myst on July 20, 2010, 12:52:50 PM
As a reminder please read the Rules of this section:
Quote from: From Rules Topic
This section is for the discussion of Starcraft II Development (Hacking/Reversal/Research).
Anything not related to the above mentioned will be either moved or deleted.

Make sure you visit the Wiki also.

For actual good examples of what research related topics mean, check out the Starcraft section in research area for posts on research. 
This topic is just turning out into where to get a crack.  If you have nothing useful to post or discuss, please don't post in here, but rather another section to discuss where to find a crack. 
Unless you have info or want to discuss how to bypass the security measures implemented by Blizzard for SCII, please post somewhere else for anything not related to that.
P.S - I'll start organizing all the source code from past projects, which I do have all of them, and make a pinned reference topic in this section, after I think about ways to properly do so, without Blizzard saying those authors breached their contracts with them. So staytuned.
Also don't bother replying to me in regards to this post.  Just keep the discussion about bypassing these encryptions.

too many ppl that wanna be usefull Myst but does not have the right knowledge to do it... do as the chinese guys do on their forums write a "support" word and stop writing hundreds of unusefull data lines. you are helping more doing so... tnx
Starcraft II Beta / Re: Starcraft II Crack
July 20, 2010, 12:51:42 PM
Quote from: Doomer3001 on July 20, 2010, 09:13:09 AM
OMG... youre right... How is it going to check if it has the right key, if it doesnt already have it... ???

like all programs do.... tries to decryp ....

decrypt fail = Error
decrypt ok = Proced with decryption

if u try to trick it to decrypt with the wrong key you will get 7 GB of unusefull data... simple
Quote from: uRstupid on July 19, 2010, 04:15:49 PM
and others had ENOUGH with YOU all smart Asses! :ticked: :ticked: :ticked:


goodbye "gentlemen" and be careful on the way out the Exit door,could be proven small for your Egos!

just look at this vernam motherfucker ... he creates new 0 posts users to support himself omfg... same long shitty no points letters.... dude get a fucking life.. ur useless as ur programing skills are....

Summary - uRstupid
    Date Registered:   Today at 03:42:42 PM  Last Active:   Today at 04:16:56 PM
GUYS i had enough Vernam not Vernam... script kiddies or not.... we do not have any solution... if the encryption algoritm is salsa20 can't be broken. The only solution i have in my head is to launch a shared atack against this key.
A lot of computers to run a plain text atack against this key but we do not have technical knowledge to achive it
Anyway it is the only method i can think of to break this.

Nice of ya Doix for explaining Vernam who he really is... I think he has problems of alter ego. He thinks is somekind of programming God wich is not obviously. HE is just a SCAMMER and that's all.

Good luck everyone i think i'll quit here.
Quote from: darkrei9n on July 18, 2010, 01:06:45 PM
Okay, I think I got this guys. At 004CDEF there is a boolean true or false that checks if the authentication key is authentic. If its true it moves onto the EULA and all that stuff. However if FALSE it moves onto location 0044D012 which means that the file never gets decrypted. Which means we need to get validdecryptionkey to come out to true. After looking at this there is two checks, the date check along with valid key check, if the key is invalid it SKIPS decryption.


Quote from: tomsons26 on July 18, 2010, 08:46:44 AM
says incorect pasword so that means it can read the cryption of Installer UI 2.MPQE

Dude read some fucking asm manuals, get some basic knowledge before talk without knowing... usually i am a patient guy but i see too many ppl trying to help without having the basic knowledge....

the encryption used by mpqe files is supesed to be salsa20. Bruteforcing that will lead to nowhere seeing the lenght of the key so we are trying to exploit that somehow else.
GUYS stop searching where u do not have... take a fucking debbuger and start there... the whole key is stating at 0044CD52

this is the part of code where we are interested in....

0044CD52  |. 68 8A046000    PUSH Installe.0060048A                   ;  SE handler installation
0044CD57  |. 64:A1 00000000 MOV EAX,DWORD PTR FS:[0]
0044CD5D  |. 50             PUSH EAX
0044CD5E  |. 64:8925 000000>MOV DWORD PTR FS:[0],ESP
0044CD65  |. 81EC D0000000  SUB ESP,0D0
0044CD6B  |. 53             PUSH EBX
0044CD6C  |. 55             PUSH EBP
0044CD6D  |. 56             PUSH ESI
0044CD6E  |. 57             PUSH EDI
0044CD6F  |. 68 98496100    PUSH Installe.00614998                   ; /Arg2 = 00614998 ASCII "{Win32_InstallerData}"
0044CD74  |. 8D8424 C800000>LEA EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+C8]            ; |
0044CD7B  |. 8BF1           MOV ESI,ECX                              ; |
0044CD7D  |. 50             PUSH EAX                                 ; |Arg1
0044CD7E  |. B9 98216B00    MOV ECX,Installe.006B2198                ; |
0044CD83  |. E8 58B30000    CALL Installe.004580E0                   ; \Installe.004580E0
0044CD88  |. 8B8424 C800000>MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+C8]
0044CD8F  |. 33DB           XOR EBX,EBX
0044CD91  |. BD 10000000    MOV EBP,10
0044CD96  |. 39AC24 DC00000>CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+DC],EBP
0044CD9D  |. 899C24 E800000>MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+E8],EBX
0044CDA4  |. 73 07          JNB SHORT Installe.0044CDAD
0044CDA6  |. 8D8424 C800000>LEA EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+C8]
0044CDAD  |> 68 90496100    PUSH Installe.00614990                   ;  ASCII "MPQE"
0044CDB2  |. 50             PUSH EAX
0044CDB3  |. E8 B8D60F00    CALL Installe.0054A470
0044CDB8  |. 83C4 04        ADD ESP,4
0044CDBB  |. 50             PUSH EAX
0044CDBC  |. E8 4FD20F00    CALL Installe.0054A010
0044CDC1  |. 83C4 08        ADD ESP,8
0044CDC4  |. 85C0           TEST EAX,EAX
0044CDC6  |. 75 27          JNZ SHORT Installe.0044CDEF
0044CDC8  |. 391D 34266B00  CMP DWORD PTR DS:[6B2634],EBX
0044CDCE  |. 75 1F          JNZ SHORT Installe.0044CDEF
0044CDD0  |. 68 20B24400    PUSH Installe.0044B220
0044CDD5  |. 68 802E4700    PUSH Installe.00472E80
0044CDDA  |. 53             PUSH EBX
0044CDDB  |. 6A 20          PUSH 20
0044CDDD  |. E8 AE30FEFF    CALL Installe.0042FE90
0044CDE2  |. 83C4 10        ADD ESP,10
0044CDE5  |. BF 0F000000    MOV EDI,0F
0044CDEA  |. E9 48020000    JMP Installe.0044D037
0044CDEF  |> 6A 01          PUSH 1
0044CDF1  |. 68 F4516100    PUSH Installe.006151F4                   ;  ASCII "hasValidDecryptionKey"
0044CDF6  |. B9 70206B00    MOV ECX,Installe.006B2070
0044CDFB  |. E8 20CFFFFF    CALL Installe.00449D20
0044CE00  |. 8D8C24 8800000>LEA ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+88]
0044CE07  |. 51             PUSH ECX
0044CE08  |. 8BCE           MOV ECX,ESI
0044CE0A  |. E8 31DCFFFF    CALL Installe.0044AA40
0044CE0F  |. 83BC24 8800000>CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+88],3
0044CE17  |. C68424 E800000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+E8],1
0044CE1F  |. 0F8C ED010000  JL Installe.0044D012
0044CE25  |. 6A 02          PUSH 2                                   ; /Arg1 = 00000002
0044CE27  |. 8D4C24 14      LEA ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+14]            ; |
0044CE2B  |. E8 707CFEFF    CALL Installe.00434AA0                   ; \Installe.00434AA0
0044CE30  |. 68 EC536100    PUSH Installe.006153EC                   ;  ASCII "<EULA>"
0044CE35  |. 68 D4536100    PUSH Installe.006153D4                   ;  ASCII "{CouldntCreateFolder%s}"
0044CE3A  |. 8D7424 74      LEA ESI,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+74]
0044CE3E  |. C68424 F000000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+F0],2
0044CE46  |. E8 F54CFFFF    CALL Installe.00441B40
0044CE4B  |. 50             PUSH EAX
0044CE4C  |. 8D5424 3C      LEA EDX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+3C]
0044CE50  |. 52             PUSH EDX
0044CE51  |. C68424 F800000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+F8],3
0044CE59  |. E8 7265FEFF    CALL Installe.004333D0
0044CE5E  |. 83C4 10        ADD ESP,10
0044CE61  |. 8BF0           MOV ESI,EAX
0044CE63  |. 8B4424 14      MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+14]
0044CE67  |. 3BC3           CMP EAX,EBX
0044CE69  |. C68424 E800000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+E8],4
0044CE71  |. 74 0B          JE SHORT Installe.0044CE7E
0044CE73  |. 8B4C24 18      MOV ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+18]
0044CE77  |. 2BC8           SUB ECX,EAX
0044CE79  |. C1F9 05        SAR ECX,5
0044CE7C  |. 75 09          JNZ SHORT Installe.0044CE87
0044CE7E  |> E8 88A60B00    CALL Installe.0050750B
0044CE83  |. 8B4424 14      MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+14]
0044CE87  |> 8B16           MOV EDX,DWORD PTR DS:[ESI]
0044CE89  |. 6A FF          PUSH -1
0044CE8B  |. 53             PUSH EBX
0044CE8C  |. 83C6 04        ADD ESI,4
0044CE8F  |. 56             PUSH ESI
0044CE90  |. 8D48 04        LEA ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+4]
0044CE93  |. 8910           MOV DWORD PTR DS:[EAX],EDX
0044CE95  |. E8 C646FBFF    CALL Installe.00401560
0044CE9A  |. 396C24 4C      CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+4C],EBP
0044CE9E  |. 72 0D          JB SHORT Installe.0044CEAD
0044CEA0  |. 8B4424 38      MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+38]
0044CEA4  |. 50             PUSH EAX
0044CEA5  |. E8 36A7FEFF    CALL Installe.004375E0
0044CEAA  |. 83C4 04        ADD ESP,4
0044CEAD  |> 39AC24 8400000>CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+84],EBP
0044CEB4  |. C74424 4C 0F00>MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+4C],0F
0044CEBC  |. 895C24 48      MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+48],EBX
0044CEC0  |. 885C24 38      MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+38],BL
0044CEC4  |. C68424 E800000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+E8],2
0044CECC  |. 72 0D          JB SHORT Installe.0044CEDB
0044CECE  |. 8B4C24 70      MOV ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+70]
0044CED2  |. 51             PUSH ECX
0044CED3  |. E8 08A7FEFF    CALL Installe.004375E0
0044CED8  |. 83C4 04        ADD ESP,4
0044CEDB  |> 8B4C24 14      MOV ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+14]
0044CEDF  |. 3BCB           CMP ECX,EBX
0044CEE1  |. 74 0E          JE SHORT Installe.0044CEF1
0044CEE3  |. 8B4424 18      MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+18]
0044CEE7  |. 2BC1           SUB EAX,ECX
0044CEE9  |. C1F8 05        SAR EAX,5
0044CEEC  |. 83F8 01        CMP EAX,1
0044CEEF  |. 77 09          JA SHORT Installe.0044CEFA
0044CEF1  |> E8 15A60B00    CALL Installe.0050750B
0044CEF6  |. 8B4C24 14      MOV ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+14]
0044CEFA  |> 8B9424 8800000>MOV EDX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+88]
0044CF01  |. 8D41 20        LEA EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[ECX+20]
0044CF04  |. 6A FF          PUSH -1
0044CF06  |. 53             PUSH EBX
0044CF07  |. 8D8C24 9400000>LEA ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+94]
0044CF0E  |. 51             PUSH ECX
0044CF0F  |. 8D48 04        LEA ECX,DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+4]
0044CF12  |. 8910           MOV DWORD PTR DS:[EAX],EDX
0044CF14  |. E8 4746FBFF    CALL Installe.00401560
0044CF19  |. 6A 28          PUSH 28
0044CF1B  |. 53             PUSH EBX
0044CF1C  |. 8D5424 38      LEA EDX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+38]
0044CF20  |. 68 BC536100    PUSH Installe.006153BC                   ;  ASCII "Audio\InstallFailed.wav"
0044CF25  |. 52             PUSH EDX
0044CF26  |. E8 A5270100    CALL Installe.0045F6D0
0044CF2B  |. 83C4 10        ADD ESP,10
0044CF2E  |. 396C24 4C      CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+4C],EBP
0044CF32  |. 72 0D          JB SHORT Installe.0044CF41
0044CF34  |. 8B4424 38      MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+38]
0044CF38  |. 50             PUSH EAX
0044CF39  |. E8 A2A6FEFF    CALL Installe.004375E0
0044CF3E  |. 83C4 04        ADD ESP,4
0044CF41  |> 68 18446100    PUSH Installe.00614418                   ;  ASCII "{OK}"
0044CF46  |. 8D7424 70      LEA ESI,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+70]
0044CF4A  |. E8 F14BFFFF    CALL Installe.00441B40
0044CF4F  |. 8BF8           MOV EDI,EAX
0044CF51  |. 68 54466100    PUSH Installe.00614654                   ;  ASCII "{UnableToLoadData}"
0044CF56  |. 8D7424 58      LEA ESI,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+58]
0044CF5A  |. C68424 F000000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+F0],5
0044CF62  |. E8 D94BFFFF    CALL Installe.00441B40
0044CF67  |. 83C4 08        ADD ESP,8
0044CF6A  |. 396F 18        CMP DWORD PTR DS:[EDI+18],EBP
0044CF6D  |. C68424 E800000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+E8],6
0044CF75  |. 72 05          JB SHORT Installe.0044CF7C
0044CF77  |. 8B7F 04        MOV EDI,DWORD PTR DS:[EDI+4]
0044CF7A  |. EB 03          JMP SHORT Installe.0044CF7F
0044CF7C  |> 83C7 04        ADD EDI,4
0044CF7F  |> 3968 18        CMP DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+18],EBP
0044CF82  |. 72 05          JB SHORT Installe.0044CF89
0044CF84  |. 8B40 04        MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+4]
0044CF87  |. EB 03          JMP SHORT Installe.0044CF8C
0044CF89  |> 83C0 04        ADD EAX,4
0044CF8C  |> 53             PUSH EBX
0044CF8D  |. 6A 01          PUSH 1
0044CF8F  |. 53             PUSH EBX
0044CF90  |. 57             PUSH EDI
0044CF91  |. 50             PUSH EAX
0044CF92  |. 8D4C24 24      LEA ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+24]
0044CF96  |. 51             PUSH ECX
0044CF97  |. E8 C4FB0100    CALL Installe.0046CB60
0044CF9C  |. 83C4 18        ADD ESP,18
0044CF9F  |. 396C24 68      CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+68],EBP
0044CFA3  |. 72 0D          JB SHORT Installe.0044CFB2
0044CFA5  |. 8B5424 54      MOV EDX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+54]
0044CFA9  |. 52             PUSH EDX
0044CFAA  |. E8 31A6FEFF    CALL Installe.004375E0
0044CFAF  |. 83C4 04        ADD ESP,4
0044CFB2  |> 39AC24 8400000>CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+84],EBP
0044CFB9  |. BF 0F000000    MOV EDI,0F
0044CFBE  |. 897C24 68      MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+68],EDI
0044CFC2  |. 895C24 64      MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+64],EBX
0044CFC6  |. 885C24 54      MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+54],BL
0044CFCA  |. C68424 E800000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+E8],2
0044CFD2  |. 72 0D          JB SHORT Installe.0044CFE1
0044CFD4  |. 8B4424 70      MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+70]
0044CFD8  |. 50             PUSH EAX
0044CFD9  |. E8 02A6FEFF    CALL Installe.004375E0
0044CFDE  |. 83C4 04        ADD ESP,4
0044CFE1  |> E8 FA2BFEFF    CALL Installe.0042FBE0
0044CFE6  |. 8B4424 14      MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+14]
0044CFEA  |. 3BC3           CMP EAX,EBX
0044CFEC  |. 74 29          JE SHORT Installe.0044D017
0044CFEE  |. 8B4C24 2C      MOV ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+2C]
0044CFF2  |. 51             PUSH ECX
0044CFF3  |. 8B4C24 1C      MOV ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+1C]
0044CFF7  |. 8D5424 14      LEA EDX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+14]
0044CFFB  |. 52             PUSH EDX
0044CFFC  |. 51             PUSH ECX
0044CFFD  |. 50             PUSH EAX
0044CFFE  |. E8 8D62FEFF    CALL Installe.00433290
0044D003  |. 8B5424 24      MOV EDX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+24]
0044D007  |. 52             PUSH EDX
0044D008  |. E8 D3A5FEFF    CALL Installe.004375E0
0044D00D  |. 83C4 14        ADD ESP,14
0044D010  |. EB 05          JMP SHORT Installe.0044D017
0044D012  |> BF 0F000000    MOV EDI,0F
0044D017  |> 39AC24 A400000>CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+A4],EBP
0044D01E  |. 889C24 E800000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+E8],BL
0044D025  |. 72 10          JB SHORT Installe.0044D037
0044D027  |. 8B8424 9000000>MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+90]
0044D02E  |. 50             PUSH EAX
0044D02F  |. E8 ACA5FEFF    CALL Installe.004375E0
0044D034  |. 83C4 04        ADD ESP,4
0044D037  |> 68 F4516100    PUSH Installe.006151F4                   ; /Arg1 = 006151F4 ASCII "hasValidDecryptionKey"
0044D03C  |. B9 70206B00    MOV ECX,Installe.006B2070                ; |
0044D041  |. E8 BAC0FFFF    CALL Installe.00449100                   ; \Installe.00449100
0044D046  |. 84C0           TEST AL,AL
0044D048  |. 0F84 24020000  JE Installe.0044D272
0044D04E  |. E8 3DE80000    CALL Installe.0045B890
0044D053  |. E8 A8E80000    CALL Installe.0045B900
0044D058  |. 53             PUSH EBX
0044D059  |. 68 80A74400    PUSH Installe.0044A780
0044D05E  |. E8 4D2CFEFF    CALL Installe.0042FCB0
0044D063  |. 897C24 54      MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+54],EDI
0044D067  |. 895C24 50      MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+50],EBX
0044D06B  |. 885C24 40      MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+40],BL
0044D06F  |. 895C24 38      MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+38],EBX
0044D073  |. 6A 01          PUSH 1
0044D075  |. 8D4C24 3C      LEA ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+3C]
0044D079  |. 51             PUSH ECX
0044D07A  |. 8D5424 60      LEA EDX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+60]
0044D07E  |. 68 B0536100    PUSH Installe.006153B0                   ;  ASCII "EULA.html"
0044D083  |. 52             PUSH EDX
0044D084  |. C68424 0001000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+100],7
0044D08C  |. E8 9FD20000    CALL Installe.0045A330
0044D091  |. 83C4 18        ADD ESP,18
0044D094  |. 3968 18        CMP DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+18],EBP
0044D097  |. C68424 E800000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+E8],8
0044D09F  |. 72 05          JB SHORT Installe.0044D0A6
0044D0A1  |. 8B50 04        MOV EDX,DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+4]
0044D0A4  |. EB 03          JMP SHORT Installe.0044D0A9
0044D0A6  |> 8D50 04        LEA EDX,DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+4]
0044D0A9  |> 8BC2           MOV EAX,EDX
0044D0AB  |. 897C24 28      MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+28],EDI
0044D0AF  |. 895C24 24      MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+24],EBX
0044D0B3  |. 885C24 14      MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+14],BL
0044D0B7  |. 8D70 01        LEA ESI,DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+1]
0044D0BA  |. 8D9B 00000000  LEA EBX,DWORD PTR DS:[EBX]
0044D0C0  |> 8A08           /MOV CL,BYTE PTR DS:[EAX]
0044D0C2  |. 83C0 01        |ADD EAX,1
0044D0C5  |. 3ACB           |CMP CL,BL
0044D0C7  |.^75 F7          \JNZ SHORT Installe.0044D0C0
0044D0C9  |. 2BC6           SUB EAX,ESI
0044D0CB  |. 50             PUSH EAX
0044D0CC  |. 52             PUSH EDX
0044D0CD  |. 8D4C24 18      LEA ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+18]
0044D0D1  |. E8 6A45FBFF    CALL Installe.00401640
0044D0D6  |. 396C24 68      CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+68],EBP
0044D0DA  |. C68424 E800000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+E8],0A
0044D0E2  |. 72 0D          JB SHORT Installe.0044D0F1
0044D0E4  |. 8B4424 54      MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+54]
0044D0E8  |. 50             PUSH EAX
0044D0E9  |. E8 F2A4FEFF    CALL Installe.004375E0
0044D0EE  |. 83C4 04        ADD ESP,4
0044D0F1  |> 68 A4536100    PUSH Installe.006153A4                   ;  ASCII "{Disagree}"
0044D0F6  |. 8DB424 8C00000>LEA ESI,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+8C]
0044D0FD  |. 897C24 6C      MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+6C],EDI
0044D101  |. 895C24 68      MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+68],EBX
0044D105  |. 885C24 58      MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+58],BL
0044D109  |. E8 324AFFFF    CALL Installe.00441B40
0044D10E  |. 8BF8           MOV EDI,EAX
0044D110  |. 68 9C536100    PUSH Installe.0061539C                   ;  ASCII "{Agree}"
0044D115  |. 8D7424 74      LEA ESI,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+74]
0044D119  |. C68424 F000000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+F0],0B
0044D121  |. E8 1A4AFFFF    CALL Installe.00441B40
0044D126  |. 8BE8           MOV EBP,EAX
0044D128  |. 68 80536100    PUSH Installe.00615380                   ;  ASCII "{EndUserLicenseAgreement}"
0044D12D  |. 8DB424 B400000>LEA ESI,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+B4]
0044D134  |. C68424 F400000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+F4],0C
0044D13C  |. E8 FF49FFFF    CALL Installe.00441B40
0044D141  |. 83C4 0C        ADD ESP,0C
0044D144  |. BE 10000000    MOV ESI,10
0044D149  |. 3977 18        CMP DWORD PTR DS:[EDI+18],ESI
0044D14C  |. C68424 E800000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+E8],0D
0044D154  |. 72 05          JB SHORT Installe.0044D15B
0044D156  |. 8B7F 04        MOV EDI,DWORD PTR DS:[EDI+4]
0044D159  |. EB 03          JMP SHORT Installe.0044D15E
0044D15B  |> 83C7 04        ADD EDI,4
0044D15E  |> 3975 18        CMP DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+18],ESI
0044D161  |. 72 05          JB SHORT Installe.0044D168
0044D163  |. 8B6D 04        MOV EBP,DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+4]
0044D166  |. EB 03          JMP SHORT Installe.0044D16B
0044D168  |> 83C5 04        ADD EBP,4
0044D16B  |> 3970 18        CMP DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+18],ESI
0044D16E  |. 72 05          JB SHORT Installe.0044D175
0044D170  |. 8B40 04        MOV EAX,DWORD PTR DS:[EAX+4]
0044D173  |. EB 03          JMP SHORT Installe.0044D178
0044D175  |> 83C0 04        ADD EAX,4
0044D178  |> 397424 28      CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+28],ESI
0044D17C  |. 8B4C24 14      MOV ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+14]
0044D180  |. 73 04          JNB SHORT Installe.0044D186
0044D182  |. 8D4C24 14      LEA ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+14]
0044D186  |> 53             PUSH EBX
0044D187  |. 68 D0C74400    PUSH Installe.0044C7D0
0044D18C  |. 57             PUSH EDI
0044D18D  |. 55             PUSH EBP
0044D18E  |. 50             PUSH EAX
0044D18F  |. 51             PUSH ECX
0044D190  |. E8 6B2AFEFF    CALL Installe.0042FC00
0044D195  |. 83C4 18        ADD ESP,18
0044D198  |. 39B424 C000000>CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+C0],ESI
0044D19F  |. 72 10          JB SHORT Installe.0044D1B1
0044D1A1  |. 8B8C24 AC00000>MOV ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+AC]
0044D1A8  |. 51             PUSH ECX
0044D1A9  |. E8 32A4FEFF    CALL Installe.004375E0
0044D1AE  |. 83C4 04        ADD ESP,4
0044D1B1  |> 39B424 8400000>CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+84],ESI
0044D1B8  |. BF 0F000000    MOV EDI,0F
0044D1BD  |. 89BC24 C000000>MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+C0],EDI
0044D1C4  |. 899C24 BC00000>MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+BC],EBX
0044D1CB  |. 889C24 AC00000>MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+AC],BL
0044D1D2  |. 72 0D          JB SHORT Installe.0044D1E1
0044D1D4  |. 8B5424 70      MOV EDX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+70]
0044D1D8  |. 52             PUSH EDX
0044D1D9  |. E8 02A4FEFF    CALL Installe.004375E0
0044D1DE  |. 83C4 04        ADD ESP,4
0044D1E1  |> 39B424 A000000>CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+A0],ESI
0044D1E8  |. 89BC24 8400000>MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+84],EDI
0044D1EF  |. 899C24 8000000>MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+80],EBX
0044D1F6  |. 885C24 70      MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+70],BL
0044D1FA  |. 72 10          JB SHORT Installe.0044D20C
0044D1FC  |. 8B8424 8C00000>MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+8C]
0044D203  |. 50             PUSH EAX
0044D204  |. E8 D7A3FEFF    CALL Installe.004375E0
0044D209  |. 83C4 04        ADD ESP,4
0044D20C  |> 397424 28      CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+28],ESI
0044D210  |. 72 0D          JB SHORT Installe.0044D21F
0044D212  |. 8B4C24 14      MOV ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+14]
0044D216  |. 51             PUSH ECX
0044D217  |. E8 C4A3FEFF    CALL Installe.004375E0
0044D21C  |. 83C4 04        ADD ESP,4
0044D21F  |> 397424 4C      CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+4C],ESI
0044D223  |. 897C24 28      MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+28],EDI
0044D227  |. 895C24 24      MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+24],EBX
0044D22B  |. 885C24 14      MOV BYTE PTR SS:[ESP+14],BL
0044D22F  |. 72 0D          JB SHORT Installe.0044D23E
0044D231  |. 8B5424 38      MOV EDX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+38]
0044D235  |. 52             PUSH EDX
0044D236  |. E8 A5A3FEFF    CALL Installe.004375E0
0044D23B  |. 83C4 04        ADD ESP,4
0044D23E  |> 8BEE           MOV EBP,ESI
0044D240  |> 39AC24 DC00000>CMP DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+DC],EBP
0044D247  |. 5F             POP EDI
0044D248  |. 5E             POP ESI
0044D249  |. 5D             POP EBP
0044D24A  |. 5B             POP EBX
0044D24B  |. 72 10          JB SHORT Installe.0044D25D
0044D24D  |. 8B8424 B800000>MOV EAX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+B8]
0044D254  |. 50             PUSH EAX
0044D255  |. E8 86A3FEFF    CALL Installe.004375E0
0044D25A  |. 83C4 04        ADD ESP,4
0044D25D  |> 8B8C24 D000000>MOV ECX,DWORD PTR SS:[ESP+D0]
0044D264  |. 64:890D 000000>MOV DWORD PTR FS:[0],ECX
0044D26B  |. 81C4 DC000000  ADD ESP,0DC
0044D271  |. C3             RETN
0044D272  |> B9 D0166B00    MOV ECX,Installe.006B16D0
0044D277  |. E8 34AAFEFF    CALL Installe.00437CB0
0044D27C  |. 53             PUSH EBX
0044D27D  |. E8 FEF0FFFF    CALL Installe.0044C380
0044D282  |. 83C4 04        ADD ESP,4
0044D285  \.^EB B9          JMP SHORT Installe.0044D240
Quote from: Doomer3001 on July 18, 2010, 01:26:53 AM
I found a forum about mpqe files and a way of opening them;
I think this is worth checking out

EDIT; Sorry, it's about the MPQEditor...

Dude the mpqE there is the MPQEditor file... not the mpqe file.... sc2 is the first game from blizz using this type of file.... I asume E is from encrypted
Quote from: Doomer3001 on July 17, 2010, 01:31:06 PM
Well, I already preorderd it, but I just want to play it as soon as possible :)

most of us will buy this game... but nothing it's better like a homemade SC2 cracked version :D
Quote from: Vernam7 on July 17, 2010, 08:01:04 AM
Quote from: Blackcode on July 17, 2010, 07:28:33 AM
Guys there is much more complicated that u think to bypass that.

First of all "Vernam7" your a troll and u know that. You didn't bypassed anything and you are still a script kiddie not a real programmer. All u did is small changes inside the unecrypted MPQ file (not a real Install) anyway nice try.

the "bm-test" method to bypass the server check is corect in the only that u have to add in the file the key in this format 22222-222222-22222-22222-222222-22222 (it only supports alphanumericals without 1,i,o,0 for not creating confussion)

The problem stand for the two "mpqe" files which stands for Mo'PaQ Encrypted file. Is a new type of format and the key to decrypt that is the actual game key. I'm still play on dissansembling "Installer.exe" the sollution (if there is one) stands there.

i replied to people like you in nibbits no need to say more,  :whistle:
and if you think i am a script kid, let me just inform you when i was scripting indeed you were NOT Even a sperm yet! not to mention not even born.  :anono:

gl with your life. :whistle:

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