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unfinished maps

Started by DragonBlade, March 22, 2010, 02:08:04 PM

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i have made some maps for W3 but i don't finished them becouse i am to lazy:D
maybe someone want to continue my work(he can say he made 100%, i don't care)

The life in Barrens - RPG
Terrain: 100% (i finished all terrain what i started to   make, you can add any terrain you want in + or to change)
Quests: like 5 quests completed:D
Heros: 5% (i stoped to make this map becouse of heros:D)
Duel System: 40% (i made duel only with AI/COP/creep [you chose to fight with 1-3 heros in the same time, the heroes is controled by cop])

Protect the n00b - Defense
Terrain: 50%
Waves: 50%
Towers/units: 5% (:D only the buiders and some units)

Races - Racing :D
Terrain: 70% (no time to finish and no ideas for route
Cars: 50%
Trigger: like 70% for what i done with the route