Want to join the DarkBlizz Team?

Started by Myst, December 29, 2007, 02:36:16 AM

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PM me for whichever team you are requesting to join. Subject should be the team you're applying for.

Criteria for Review Team

1) Must have at least minimal knowledge of battle.net bot development or a tremendous amount of bot usage throughout your years on battle.net.
2) Must not hold any biases toward certain bots or programmers.
3) Must know how to write English and can grammatically write proper sentences.  
4) Knowledge and know how of packet loggers and hex editors are preferred.
5) Must not be a complete idiot.

Criteria for Development Team

1) Must have knowledge of battle.net bot develeopment
2) Must have created at least two programs related to battle.net that were for public development.  
3) Must be currently actively developing programs, i.e if you created bots back in the glory days and haven't since, to bad for you.