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sc2 beta

Started by madmarttigan, March 18, 2010, 06:40:31 PM

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Anyone who get in beta feel like having a 2v2 partner?

I don't know anyone and I feel bored by myself! lol


if you have an invite and could invite me, yes i would play with you. i've been actively playing StarCrack v6.1.1's AI but i really hope for some human opponents; it's boring to play AI


very same.. expect i ll be online 20hours a day probably :)


i would love a starcraft 2 beta.. ive been playing the game since it came out... (1999)
Carrier Has Arrived...


I don't have a key to give out lol just seeing if there are any darkblizz members out there looking for a 2v2 partner who are actually IN beta.