Re: SC2 Beta - Invite a Friend

Started by Sandro, March 18, 2010, 11:03:57 AM

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^^ just invite me if you want to ^^


I am another begger looking for an invite. I am very into starcraft. I am a fan of both husky and HD and even watch jon747 daily and of coarse everyone working on AI and lan play.

Anyways please if anyone is feeling helpful I could use a beta invite from someone already in the beta and email is:



Invite me... In remembrance of the panda bear
Panda bear guy no!
PM me please :)



If anyone is feeling kind enough to give me a key... I'd be very tankful.



i will be very thankful for u if u can send a key for me...



Well, seeing as everyone is asking for keys I might as well try. If any one could send one to I would appreciate it very much. :)


ahh oplease invite me! ive watchedf like every replay. So if u want a godo aprnter invite me!


Btw I hope that you guys understand that you should have an active battle net account and that sharing your e-mail(which is your account name) in public can be dangerous.
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If anyone is feeling lovin' today hit me up with an invite ;D
Been playin SC since the beginning. I think I was in gr. 7. I remember before SC1 was out I cut out all the articles about it in magazines and made my own little book.. lmao.


OMG you guys are awesome...plz plz plz invit me plz im just a SC addict PLZ ->