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Started by Sandro, March 18, 2010, 11:03:57 AM

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I'd love a key if somebody can spare one! Thank you so much ! you can PM me!


If blizzard keep the beta going long enough or gives out enough keys, there could be a site started that let people give away their extra keys like there was for gmail (when it was still invite only)


Anyone so kindhearted could PM me ? None of my friends got SC2 Beta and I am so much stuck :( Please PM me :) Thanks !!!


Would love to have a shot at the sc2 beta before I go overseas.

If anyone's feeling especially generous my email is


Hey, If anyone is feeling generous and want an excellent partner to playtest with.

Send me an invite: klalilulelo (at) yahoo (dot) com


If anyone has a recruit a friend spare I'd love to take you up on it :P

thx in advance to the kind person :)


If anyone wants a good 2v2 partner that was a strong veteran of SC1 and has been playing SC2 vs ai's for weeks, please PM me.

I'm from Canada, and usually available any nights and any weekend.



please please please please please please


If anyone would be that kind and like to share an invite, I'd really appriciate it. Thank you very much in advance.


lol lets see how huge this thread of peoples emails gets


I'm a great 2v2 partner.. I'm up for communicating via regular chat, Ventrilo, or even Skype.. To make for a great team. I borrowed a friend's key for a while so I could 2v2 with someone and we were ranked 3 in the 2v2 Platinum league. So I'm a really good 2v2 asset. Anyway, my email is and I would love to get a key from someone...

I'll play any time I'm needed.


Are you actually getting invites by spamming your e-mail account here? hell, its a fest for spammers to send you crap  :thumbsup:

This should be civilized and PM inside  :'(


i would like a key too!!!! message me plz!!

but i do realize this is a website that most ppl are coming to because they don't have a key in the first place.....oh the irony haha


Well if sm1 got spare feel free to PM; Damn we are desperate.


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