Green Tea 0.2 _Very strong cheating x2 money for all races ( based on IAI )

Started by ptanhkhoa, March 20, 2010, 08:29:24 AM

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What is strongest races in this AI ?

1 (9.1%)
2 (18.2%)
8 (72.7%)

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Thanks Dark Zeros for his awesome script and Starcrack team. I make my AI based mostly from them.
Thinking that, with x2 money, how can you use it more effective ?
_ So I make these AI with can do really "something" :
    + Use money effectively at the beginning.
    + Know how to attack and retreat when they feel losing.
    + Upgrade as fast as possible
    + Late game will build more unit generator that consume every money they harvest. ( Gas always shortage before minerals )
    + The Ai will be more passive at the beginning but very aggressive at the late. So it enough time for player to build their defense.

_ So far, it just the basic version, some bug of it can happen in some game about the supply.

Some picture of it ( click to zoom):

They will use money very efficiency

Can do multiple task, product, build and research at the same time.

How are their army in late game ?  Here comes,

The Mighty Protoss

The MMT Terrans ( Marine & Medic & Tank )

The Hell Zerg

How to install, using SC2 Launcher, just copy the folder with Trigger Library to their Mod folder

It work and compatible best with Zocx launcher


Seal of aproval! Go on, its good to see people using your own code :P


First, thanks for your hard work.

Just played my first game and wanted to report. It was a ZvZ and I went fast Roach. I noticed the AI did not scout, so he actually spent a good amount of time scouting with his first Zergling wave. By the time he showed up to my base I was able to easily fend off with Roaches @ my choke. I then sent 7-8 Roaches and was able to win vs his Ling/Baneling army.


Thanks for reporting ^^. Can you post me the replay ? About the AI, I   don't think it will attack early in the beginning, ( may be attack, but   at least with some Roast, not just Zerling, and when he feel that losing   too much ( about half of his army, he will retreat, not suicide ). I'm   not sure about the scouting, he will send overlord for scout but not   using drones.
    Make sure you put it right in the folder with name, otherwise it just   using the default AI. When you play do you see some of these greeting   text
             " Welcome to Zerg Hell
               The mighty Protoss or Marine & Medic Terran ? "


this AI is to good for me! i played TvZ and i lost very hard! it just massed everything and i didn't stood a chance!


only won one time after 5 games.
this ai is really hard... good job!


Thanks, I changing some stuff and make them more aggressive now in 0.2b version ( updated in the first post), I still keep the first one ( for defense style).
You may want to give it a try :) .

For now, the AI is very predictable by using all around strategy ( build all kind of army). So the next version, I will adding more strategy and different build style :)


It is a very strong AI! I changed harvest bonus to 1.5, because with 2.0 was impossible to me. And with 1.5 still was very hard and I  defeat toss with a lot of harass from the begging with reapers and from middle to late with cloaked banshees. Unfortunately he didn't made any observer and lost because of that.
Anyway, it is nicely done.


@apriores: Yup, because when you changing to 1.5 he lack of resources and will meet many problem in building. ( For example, the default 2x Ai will build 3 gate in the begining, but at 1.5, it keep him a long time to build and tech up. ). Maybe I should make an easier version with 1.5 harvest, but must have a different build order :) )


Yes, I know it will slow down its progress because of build stile and priorities. I had another match and this time toss had observers and defeated me. :P . Even with this slack from 1.5 harvest, it remains very hard for me. Zerg instead, made only roaches and lings for a long time, too long with no AA that I defeated him with banshees. I think zerg is more issued than toss because of 1.5 change.


VERY nice cheating AI. Most challenging one yet. I find I can only beat them with very heavy harrassment, otherwise they macro up much too fast. I went TvP and won with reaper harrassment until i could pump out Thors and mass Marines (very hectic! kept me on my toes and took about 6 tries). It took me about 6 times to figure out how to PvZ as well, which ended up being a very close battle of us trying to main one another simultaneously. I mained him with a fast DT warpgate proxy pylon rush just before he could get Overseers, and he decided to all-in my base because he had no detection... I was down to 1 hidden Nexus as I killed his last Hatchery :P

GJ on this AI


I will work up more on this Ai, about the attack function, and harassment.

When he know that you have some special unit, he will try to build defense building ( bunker, photoncanon } nearly his resource.
And when they detect cloak unit , they will set "observer" unit on high priority

Beside, when he detect there are some defense building or tank in enemy base, they will wait until they have some special unit to overcome them. (For example, when they detect enemy bunker, photon cannon, they will wait until have some Siege Tank or Immortal, War prism, etc... )

It will be nice if you can list some of unit used for harassment and some unit to kill defense building for 3 races :)


Got it to work. That first rush I was not expecting to be so overwhelming.. Very nice.. actualy had to surrender.
The protoss rushed me hard, air/observers/ground with upgraded ground troops. Good stuff.

I just played another 1vs 3 : Z, T, P    im playing as P for fun. 

a couple things i noticed my first run through . Have the protoss utilize their templars psi storm that will help against my steam roll of carriers.  All three races need more anti air.

other than that thanks for the AI script its fun.

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rank #6 


All the AI does is build 300 units then finish you in one blow. We need more dynamic AI.