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What is genesis

Started by Spazta, March 24, 2010, 04:06:41 PM

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Hey i am new so dont kill me if i did something wrong here

First of thanks for this AWESOME website love it

So here i was specing all the cool stuff on darkblizz and i came on this program call genesis i downloaded it and it is missing a file called


so i went and download it
i got the program workin and now it throughs errors at me everytime i try joining a channel

i saw it is a chatting program but do you guys and girl chat on it or is it a program that you are testing things on it myst i am confused thanks

If i did something stupid (  :bangshead: ) i would be doing it and something tells me i will if someone tells me what this program is for if it is for chatting guide me so that i can join you guys and girls PLEASE

Thank you



Is it just darkblizz people chatting there or the whole


No its a bot you use to send messages for you automatically without your intervention in chat rooms for things such as clan recruitment, general commercial spamming, or being a jerk, your choice.


It's actually just a regular chat bot used to chat with on servers in whatever channels without using the game client.  It might be hard to understand if you're not familiar with the bot world ;)   Have looksy at the various SS's.


This sound awesome so how do i setup it and the key
i have starcraft 1 but a digital at so i dont have one
and do you guys chat there sorry for being stupid :bangshead:


huh?  just use your cdkey to login.  Read the readme for directions, or post in its section on this site if you have more questions. 

And do we chat there? huh?  once you log on, you're on like everyone else playing war3, sc, bw, wc2, d2, etc.  You can join any channels.