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Started by Myst, December 30, 2007, 07:25:33 AM

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Current Version: 1.4
Download Here:
EZCC With Hash Files
EZCC WithOut Hash Files
EZCC 1.4 Patch

Additional ScreenShots:
ScreenShot 1
ScreenShot 2
ScreenShot 3
ScreenShot 4
ScreenShot 5

Description: EZCC is a program which will create a Clan Channel for you on  EZCC provides the user a easier time in creating a clan channel, rather than using the normal way. 
EZCC will create clans even if your keys are voided.

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Quote from: Patch Log
Bug Fixes:
-Added a Delay setting so it would fix the problem for users bots disconnecting for connecting too fast.
-Added customizable Verbyte setting in config for ensuring future compatability.

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed problem in the buffer that would cause the bot to delay once creating channel.
-Changed Response in 0x71.
-Changed Icon

1.2 (Critical Patch)
Bug Fixes:
-Fixed issue where chief didn't add other bots to friends list, therefore making voided keys not create channels.
-Fixed bug that launched another bot after the tenth bot, which that bot didn't do anything anyways.
-Fixed user bug where if user could attempt to create the channel even when all bots were not loaded.
-Fixed word choice error when asking for the clan name.
-Edited Config file, labeling Chief as Bot 1 and then the other bots accordingly and removed Bot 11's config.
-Edited some Response messages recieved from program that make things more understandable to users.
-Made setting up config more forgiving. Such as if a user accidently put a spaces after something, it would remove it; and UseProxy's boolean can be a lower or capital letter (y, Y, n, N).
For example, Right way is Name=NAMEHERE and the user put Name= NAMEHERE, it would delete the space.
-Updated ReadMe

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed Channel Checking error when a user accidently had empty spaces in the name that made the channel name Invalid.


If you do not have a previous version of EZCC then download either of the first two links.  Users who have previous versions of EZCC should download the Patch's.  However if you have lets say v1.1 and there's a new patch and its at v1.5, then you missed all the other updates or additions that might have been included in previous patchs, so it is recommended that you download from the first two links to make sure that you have the latest product.