I am worthless to a Starcraft 2 Beta Key

Started by Spazta, March 30, 2010, 01:30:46 PM

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  2009: So here i am sitting and playing Dawn of War ( Don't know witch   one sorry forgot ) in the hostel and a few of my Friends began to chat   about Statcraft 2 and it caught my ear i did not know what it is. I only   know Warcraft 3 dota so I asked out and they laughed at me and told me i   felt bad after they introduced me to Starcraft and Brood Wars I played   the campaign and finished it but could not play online because i am in a   hostel
  2010:I was a FAN of Blizzard and register an account on their website so   that i can get a key for the beta to
  but i did not got one I got a few Strategies of a mag called nag
  so here is my reasons why i don't deserve a beta key:
  I sux at multiplayer
  I live in South Africa
  My Internet ain't the best of them all
  I cant win Hard bot on starcraft 2 All in one
  but i still want one i want to play online
  experience game play i want to train to become a pro
  I mean we all were noobs at a point so why cant i be one now ?
  my point is i want one and chances of getting one aint looking good
  so if you think I am worth it please tell me
  P.S I watched some of husky's Starcraft 2 vids



But am i worth it  that is what i actually want to know  :-[


...What the fuck did I just read?
You think telling people why you dont deserve it... will get  you it... smart plan chief
better wear your shades, the spotlights here can burn holes through the stage


I don't think you do because you haven't construct additional pylons.
Platinum League, where you gets pwned


Still looking for a beta key. If someone could invite me...