Help me with my starcraft Brood Wars

Started by Spazta, April 01, 2010, 01:43:35 AM

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I have a problem joining any channel
I cant join servers because i have a cracked version  :-[
( I forgot my starcraft pack in the hostil now it is 200 Miles away  :bangshead: )

I keep getting this error

your internet connection is either very poor or is not prpscessomg
UDP packets through port 6112. You will be able to chat but you
will not be able to play games. Contackt your inteternet service
provider or your adminastrator for assistance with opening this port

The server i am trying to connect is or both time zone 2

Please people help me  :'(


mmm you can play online but i dont play on the servers (same reason as you) but what i do to play with my friends:

Use Starcraft Broodwar Patch 1.15.2

someone makes a server and you can see each other (join and create) on UDP

we play with firewall off

but if you want to play over the server sorry i dont know at the moment
i hope that helps for you


Thanks for helping 

But I dont have any friends that wants to play it yes it is sad
So my only hope is to play with a few people in South Africa
and those are the only 2 servers i can join i managed my server
with a gatway editor

P.S there are almost 4 online after 5 o'clock so that is few


South Africa doesnt play old games
Some of the people got Starcraft 2 beta keys
Others doesnt play because they are scared of getting owned
LoL i am a noob 2 so i will get owned but practice makes perfect


mmm maybe if you search over the internet some Starcraft Broodwar Hamachi servers so you can join with some random people and play (this requires some hamachi versions i use because the last version doesnt let me play broodwar)

or you can try this [How To] Play Starcraft LAN Online Using Tunngle

i have heard that program its similar to hamachi but you will also need that Chaos Launcher so you can see each other in LAN

even if your internet its slow the game is old so it doesnt require that much bandwith  :thumbsup:


Thanks dude

I will be sure to tjek it here after 7 pm (G.T 2)
my net is to slow now form 7 am - 7 pm i dont have speed at all

I see your new

Be sure to add me if SC 2 is released

P.S I am a noob in Starcraft  ::)


Thanks though it didnt help

But i am tired of trying locally

are you on hamachi

and did you bought the original cause i want the cracked version

and if you are on hamachi please link me the server and pass