Anyone get Replays to work with Ghost / Auir / Strategy AI?

Started by MaximumSquid, April 01, 2010, 03:42:26 PM

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I have the Starcraft II - Beta Launcher.exe (Ver 0.28) and love it, but wanted to try out Ghost / Auir / Strategy AI so I DLed SC2Launcher.exe (Ver 2.3.1) which supports them.

I've been able to get replays from online beta like the recent TL Invitation to work and also have gotten my own replays with AI supported in Starcraft II Beta Launcher to work, but have no absolutely no luck trying to get the other AI to replay. . .

All I'm getting is "Unable to open map"

Any thoughts?

I've tried placing the renamed maps in the 00/11 cache folder, but this only seems to crash SC2 so I had to revert it.