this worked for me to get working replays of strategy 0.22

Started by mastaofdesasta, April 02, 2010, 08:41:25 AM

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Use : Valkeriens Beta Luncher 0.28

+ These Base.sc2 of Strategy 0.22

(includes cheating and normal no easy)

This worked out for me.

maybe also watch out to use suggested folders for Ai and Maps which are  dirctly under Starcraft Folder

for e.
F:\games\StarCraft II Beta/ai

Dont know if thats important however it cant be a misstake.


Haven't tried it yet, but thanks for this. . .

I was trying to find Ghost, Auir, and Strategy AI in the Base Format instead of the .xml / triggerlib format. . .

Reason is while they are playable in .xml format you cannot easily watch replays of them.


nice will try. im havin same prob with replays.
wat Ai where you using before u switched ? is this Ai better than the latest V.70 on ai thread?