[Entry 1] Logo, header, theme. gimme dat key!!

Started by MinusTheVolta, April 03, 2010, 10:48:27 PM

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So, I've been workin on this on and off for about a week or so now.  It started out as me really wanting this key, and then it turned into actually enjoying working on this.  Kinda makes me want to start my own starcraft 2 fansite.

Ill start off with the logo since entry number one says its a logo contest.

This is my favorite logo that I came up with.  It still has the basics of the logo that dark blizz has right now, just altered a bit.  If you dont like the black splatter in the background, it can be removed.

on to the header.

Ill start off by saying that I got so into working on this, that I decided to see what it looked like if you guys actually picked mine.  So I installed a forum on to my web host and made a theme based off of the existing dark blizz layout.  here is the link to view my completed header/theme LIVE, hosted on my server:

Link removed after contest ended.

and here is just a static screenshot of the header/theme with the logo.

Just to be clear, after this contest is over Im going to take down the test forum completely, just so it wont show up on google and confuse people.

Also, if my entry is chosen, I have the stylesheet ready and available to match the theme that I used.

To implement this into the dark blizz site, it would take 10 to 15 mins.  just some image replacements and stylesheet changes.

Had alot of fun messing around with this, its been a while since I worked on forums.  :D


Im a little worried about some of the entries on here beating mine.  mainly the one with the lich king, terran, and diablo in the header.


This actually looks pretty good. My fav so far :) There's not much to be changed, I think you've got pretty solid design here.


I really love it! I saw it on your forum, and it fits very well with the whole website! :)
Good job!


I really like this, nice and clean. Seeing the the gray forum in there makes me wonder how much more awesome this could be if you modified that as well. Overall great job  :thumbsup: .


I like the design, that kids got some real skill :)