SC2 Key Contest is Closed!

Started by Myst, April 04, 2010, 08:19:07 PM

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Today was the deadline for all submitions for our SC2 beta key contest!   Winner will be announced within the week.   :jig:


Oh no :O I thought winner was going to be announced today! xD My bad.
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Check this:


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GL to all who participated. Just to clarify - are there gonna be three winners(for all the three contests) or just one ?


Its strange how I keep coming back to this site, no matter that I got my beta invitation a long time ago. It must have some magiK or something addictive to it :)
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Just wanted to give u guys a big thanks for hosting the competition for all us guys without a beta key. Gl guys cant wait to see the winner when its announced.


good luck to all who entered.  but good luck to me more  ;D


Good luck to all who participated. :D

If I win I'd just like to give the key away to the runner-up, because I now have a key.