Green Tea AI 0.56

Started by ptanhkhoa, April 05, 2010, 09:43:41 AM

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Quote from: Hider on June 08, 2010, 08:31:55 PM
How do I make this work with Sc2 allin? I followed the instructions, however it is not possible for me to click on GreenTeai0.47, since there is no sc2mod file behind it. The only file I can actually click on the is the Triggerlib one, however that is not a sc2mod. file as well. How do I make this work?

in other ai, you have to select the folder that contains all mods, not the folder of 1ai


Im still not sure how. As you can see I have placed it in the AI folder. But still can't click at anything?

Uploaded with


You need one more folder,
like.... /AI/GreenTea AI 0.47/GreenTea AI 0.47/TriggerLibs....
and you select the first GreenTea AI 0.47 folder


Next time post on right thread.

There is some directory in GreanTea0.47.
1) delete some directory and try detect it again
2) modify with notepad c:\....\AllInOne\settings (ai = *write your AI path*)


Quote from: darka on June 09, 2010, 08:32:33 AM
Next time post on right thread.

There is some directory in GreanTea0.47.
1) delete some directory and try detect it again
2) modify with notepad c:\....\AllInOne\settings (ai = *write your AI path*)

Sorry I have no idea what to do.

What is "some" directory?
What should I detect? How do I detect?


Get lastest build of AllInOne software. Install it.
extract GreenTeaAI 0.47.rar in c:\program files\StarCraft II Beta\AllInOne\ai\
edit "c:\program files\StarCraft II Beta\AllInOne\settings" with note

ai = "c:\program files\StarCraft II Beta\AllInOne\ai\scai"

fill by:
ai = "c:\program files\StarCraft II Beta\AllInOne\ai\GreenTeaAI 0.47"


hi guys, Great AI.

i am trying vs protoss, here some suggestions:

toss need to cronobost a stalker, for ALL commanders, 1-2 reapers can ista win (11 rax reapers)
it spawn to many zealot, also a marauder push with concussive can easly kill the ai because he has to many zealots.


Very fun AI to play with, but just one question. Is this cheating AI or non-cheating AI? If it is cheating, what does bonus does AI get?


map-hack only, and it has normal resources like player


Just found some issues, when use the map extinction, if I get 4 protoss on 1 side, there will be one that doesn't do anything, it just build some probes, then send 1 or 2 probes out, then go back, and then do nothing. Plz, check out.


Hi! I have a quick question: How do you quick the "commander" to fight? I know how to choose the AI but how do I pick which commander to fight?


Thx i finally made it work.

I played my first game as zerg vs protoss. And while i throught the starting build order and the harass by the zealots against my FE was fine, there were some flaws. First it was to easy to distract his zealot with my 2 zerglings in stead of taking down my expansion. If  you could make it so that the zealot would focus down the hatch, and only try to attack the zerglings when they would come close to the hatch, and stop begin attacking the hatch again when the zerglings ran away it would be awesome.

Second, the protoss should have made some kind of wallin, as I just ran in with my speedlings through the whole game in his base and just made a lot of harass. The placement of the buildings against zerglings for protoss should almost always be so that the wall can be blocked of with 1 zealot. Since the AI uses maphack it should probably be able to detect wheter the protoss player gets speedlings or  roaches/hydras. If speedlings it should definately wall of with the zealot.

The lats "flaw" of the AI won me the game. I harassed with my mutas at his expo while running in with all my 40 speedlings in his base and basically killed everything he had in there. He tried to defend the muta harass, and did not even try split up his forces. Again if the AI would be able to detect that his ground forces was not able to defend against the mutalisk harassing and instead defeding the main against the speedlings it would be awesome as well.


@Hide:, I will try this next time :P, thx for advice
@Harkz :
it have some answer for this
@able1214 : I'm not sure about this, just tested the AI on 1 vs 1 game. Have you test for other race though.
@Ultrakorne : Next time I will add function to stop product Zealot and build at least 1 or 2 Stalker when they see enemy have BarrackTechLab. So can prevent even Marauder build or Reaper build


Just played agaisnt a terran oppenent, and AI was really nice. It sat around my base looking to attack, but then retreated and got out of the creep, and waited for his army size to be stronger than mine. Really nice job there.

The reaper micro of the oppenent was pretty bad though. Good players shoots once with the reaper then go back with the reaper, and shoot again. The reapers of the AI never actually tried to shoot, they just ran without shooting and without jumping down the cliffs, until they got surrounded by my zerglings.


There seems to be some kidn of bug when the terran AI tries to cloak his banshees. Cloack goes off immediately after having been activated.