Green Tea AI 0.56

Started by ptanhkhoa, April 05, 2010, 09:43:41 AM

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Which Race you think needed to improving ?

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Hey does anyone else have this problem where the AI makes the game stutter and lag a little? Whenever I play with other AI such as StarCrack or people it doesn't stutter. This lag is especially noticeable if I play with more AI players. Just wondering if this is normal.


Hi  everyone,

Here is lastest build of DarkTea 0.47b:


Large map:



Dark Fallen:  3 barracks switch mechplay
Dark Jessica: Marauder/Tank
Dark I-Robot: Hellion/Siege Tank/Thor (mechplay)
Dark Zatic: M&M ball
Dark R2-D2: TurboReaper / Tank Rush
Dark C3-6PO: TurboReaper/Basnhee Rush
Dark Jinro: Marine/Marrauder/Thors
Dark qxc: Marauder/Tank/Thor
Mass Marine + Marauder + Fast Banshee + Battlecruiser


Dark ZeeRaX: Immortal Rush + Zealot + Stalker + Sentry + High Templars
Dark mTwNaNi: Zealot+Immortal+Void-Ray
Dark HasuObs: Zealot+Stalker+Immortal+Colossus
Dark Dragonfood: Mass Zealot + Stalker + Sentry + High Templars + Phoenix + Void-Ray
Dark Zlex: Mass Zealot + Stalker + Sentry + High Templars + Phoenix + Carrier
Dark orb: Dark-Templars Rush
Dark mTwTaker: Zealot+Stalker+Sentry+HighTemplars+Archon
Dark Nazgul: Immortal Rush + Zealot + Stalker + Sentry + High Templars
Dark Whitera: Stalker+Immortal+Void-Ray


15 Hatch (Roach + Hydra)
15 Hatch (Zergling + Mutas + Roach)
Dark Lalush: Roach+Hydra+Ultralisk
Dark Orly: Zergling+Roach+Hydra+Ultralisk
Dark Gas Speed: Zergling+Mutas+Roash+Broodlord
Dark Dimaga: Zergling+Baneling+Hydra+Roach+Ultralisk
Dark Idra: Mass Hydra+Ultralisk
Dark Ultralisk: Zergling+Hyra+FastUltralisk

All Terrans got Ghost module: if player enemy = protoss = building ghost at tech_level 3
module Command Center Upgrade (upgrade to orbitalcommand or planet fortress)
Some divert units (harass with hellion for example)

Give our feedbacks :D




Zerg ai is weaker in the begin..
every game toss(me) vs zerg(AI) that i play . i got a zealot before the get a zerling... need defense..., i win so fast that the AI dont said the name(commander)

off:Is there any form to send a replay ?? how i do that?

sorry for my bad english.


Hi Darka,
with your latest 0.47b large map ai doing?


Hi, darka

what's the diff between darktea large map and the other one?


like it's name, it's for largest map go in sc2 nibbit to find someone).
Ps, it's not mine: it's ptanhkoa core. Thx to him.

There is last build with some fix:
Have Fun.


Thanks for all the updates especially that this is the last AI that keeps up with patch.


and one more question darka..

how we know we already load the correct AI?
when I load your AI it just shows greentea AI 4.7 not darktea



First of all - thanks for great AI, it's really challenging :)

I'm zerg player and this is my observations and suggestions:
1) Z vs Z - quite good with fast roaches, and in middle game, but I think that AI really needs some ling + banneling strategy with some good micro (without wasting bannelings on single unit or wasting a plenty of lings on single banneling, etc). That is very popular strategy in this matchup after roaches nerfs.
2) Z vs T - I found it as easiest matchup, especially in middle game. AI usually goes in mass marines and tanks and later in thors wich are easy to beat by banneling + infestor build. I think it will be more challenging with less marines and instead of more mech or more maruders and medivacs. Btw. Fast helions harassment are very good against zerg, especially when it goes in fast exp. Or bunker + repears rush.
3) Z vs P - its the most difficult matchup for me in macro games. However prottos can be easy beaten by mass lings rush - usually AI haven't a good wall or goes in fast exp when zerg is going in 14 pool. I'm not sure but there is no 2 gateway rush wich would be difficult to defend.

Btw. I've noticed one strange behavior - AI often reatreating from battle wich would be easy to win. For example few Void Rays reatreating from battle with one Queen or mass army reatreating when it lost about 50% of units despite of opponent lost about 90% of his. It give you a chance to reinforcement your army.



Thx for advice.
I will add baneling in mix next build.


hello guys!!

i just want to ask, darka, when the game starts, is the ai set to what opening it is at the beginning of the game??? for example, when the terran ai appears, does it already have the opening set for example to dark jessica or will it counter what units you are building when the game progresses?? your ai combination are great but they use their tactics at a wrong time. as a zerg player, i was surprised when the terran ai was dark jessica, cause i usually open with zerglings, hopefully every zerg player does. so in the end the ai could keep up with me caus the ai only massed marauders and tanks, not even adjusting to my gameplay when i made mutalisks. no offense though your ai is great. :thumbsup:


Yeah this version was released to verify if opening can be add in strategy A.I.
After lot of feedback, (thx to Shadow) strategys are now ready.
This version  haven't counter unit for the moment. Final version will get all in one.