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Started by Myst, December 30, 2007, 07:27:25 AM

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Any suggestions you have for this program or something that you would like to see incorporated in it; Post Here.


First suggestion I have is why not just have a file called Names.txt, that would be for the 8 other bots and the chief should be in the ClanConfig.txt and, then when you connect it would pull the names you have in the txt file and connect them all ( somtin like that idk).

Second suggestion is why not just have a separate file for proxies such as Proxies.txt and have the bot pull em from there, i think if would be easier cuz then you wouldn't have to spend so much time fucking configin the bot.
Op 187@USEast


Yeah, that would be easier for people and the lazy individuals.  You might see it in the next patch.


Seems like I should make it automatically rotate CdKeys if Keys are in use or banned.  What do you think>?


Yes you should have a txt with keys , proxies , and names and proxies and keys rotate i would love to have it
i just downloaded this yesterday it took me about 3 hours to make a channel becuz something always went wrong and had to
keep restarting the program and each time i did the proxies kept dieing so i had to restart even more times so yea
i would have it rotate keys and proxies it would be a great program then
Also when u have the first 3 or higher they connect to fast and ipban you so i would put a delay

msg me i am glad to help more


I just tested this on asia, east, west and europe connecting first 8 bots on my ip and last two on a proxy and had no problems. 
There is really no need to have a delay just connecting 10 bots.  Unless you are doing something else that is making bnet servers not likeing your IP, there is no need for a delay.  But due to the nature of the beast that is and the users on it, it is best to have a opition to be able to set a delay for people that abuse and lose. 
So when I get time I'll update it to fit that.  But till then this program works perfectly fine tested by me and other users even prior from public releases. 
The next statement is not toward you Stunning, but just general, don't be that "StealthBot noob" since they can't get a program to work they dismiss it as being broken, when 95% of the time all errors are on the users part and not the program itself. 
Thanks for the suggestion though m8 ;)