Re: SC2 Beta - Invite a Friend

Started by Sandro, March 18, 2010, 11:03:57 AM

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Funny thing is, my roommate has a key and hasn't received an email like this yet. So no, your more likely to win the lottery than get a key from someone on this forum.
better wear your shades, the spotlights here can burn holes through the stage


hey if someone have a key that could give, i will not only appreciated but i will play with him all day if he wants too...


Top player here user names: supeduder, chanmanx, Tfe-COmmander

I would love to play with anyone who would want a good partner..



If anybody doesn't need a partner, but would like to teach a newbie, you could send ME an invite.
I'm not going to post my email here because it'll get picked up by a million bots, so you can PM me.
If anybody actually PM's me, I will be astonished.


if someone need's partner send key at  :'( :'(
i played starcraft 4 years..
Starcraft 2 Beta


i play starcraft about 10 years
if anyone want a good parner, send a beta key to

im from Argentina :)


f anyone want a parner, send a beta key to

im from Russia