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3Key Giveaway #3

Started by Myst, May 06, 2010, 04:06:12 PM

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Design a 88px × 33px image for DarkBlizz.  must contain the word DarkBlizz in it.  It will be used for things like image buttons used on other sites.
See   for examples of what I'm talking about.

Image formats can be anything as long as the dimensions are 88px x 33px.
Images can be animated.
You can only submit one image.
Use something like Imageshack to upload the images or other stable Image Uploader sites.
By Posting and entering in this contest you agree for me to use your image any way I see fit, even if your image isn't selected.
Be creative, don't ask stupid questions.

Winner gets SC2 Beta Key, Contest closes at Midnight eastern time USA. 
Whichever one I think is best wins.

Good Luck   :cheers:

[ Starcraft 2 ]


readability above effectivity
i hope



Well, here is my entry. I reworked an old banner of mine, which I made for some guy, but he never used it.

Small version:

Full banner:

EDIT: Reuploaded images in .png format, imageshack was giving me some trouble.
Edit 2: Whoops, just noticed I left a smudge on the banner. Whatever, I'm to lazy to fix it right now, lol, it's not going to be used anyway. Well, I'm off to sleep.


I again missed the previous two contests in just few minutes! I sense my luck ain't with me when it comes to a beta key...

Luckily this time I saw this contest fresh from its announcement! Here is my entry:

Link to image

Unfortunately, I have to go to bed because it's getting near half past 1 AM and this is the only piece I could create before going to bed in order not to miss this contest! Good luck to all participants, Myst, I'll dream tonight how this time you like mine!  ;D 8) 


Over 20 minutes in MS paint.






Quote from: Noisefield on May 06, 2010, 05:11:00 PM

readability above effectivity
i hope

Simple and clear. /me agrees.  :)





A lot of great entrys. It was very hard to choose. 
But the winner is.........

Noisefield!  and in a close 2nd notalion.   
Thanks to all those who posted!

Enjoy SC2 Noisefield!