heh why not, MORE SC2 BETA KEYS

Started by Myst, May 07, 2010, 02:11:19 AM

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I'll be giving away two more SC2 Beta Keys today May 7th.  So be on the lookout  ???

As always, remember to take a look at all the ads, some of them are quite enticing and pretty beneficially. Don't be afraid to click ;)  As the ads for this site help pay to keep it running, and since I bought a new server, which I will soon be transferring this whole site to, it will help for pay for it. 

So keep a look out at this site for the SC2 keys!!

Want to chat with the rest of the community? Talk about SC2, gaming, how to defeat certain races?
Well come on by irc.rizon.net #sc2c    we have 100+ avid SC2'ers talking daily about Starcraft.  So stop on by!


..i'm just gonna say ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY...

giving and sharing and cant get one.. :(

But really appreciate.... nice work :)

Would spend some money to donate but currently poor on that end, not to mention how will i save money for sc2 .. :D


Ok, Done i click all adds several time -:)

Can You add more ADDs or should i change my ip and start all over again?  :D


Carrier Has Arrived...


my username in sc is callmegod, add me bro..and if u hav a sspot left on beta, it'd be nice if u gave it to..cya later


ARE u a GRIL? WHY RIght in pink? R u girl? MYST?