A tribute to totocows

Started by ringlas, May 09, 2010, 07:51:49 AM

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I want to say my special thanks to totocows who gave me a beta key without being asked or something, a good guy who helped several guys from this site to feel the pleasure of being part of the beta process.

Thank you!


got a key too from a kind person on darkblizz :)
Carrier Has Arrived...


That's cool, great to see Darkblizz is such a nice community :) .


hmmm... i still don't know how i got this -1 karma though...  :ticked:
Carrier Has Arrived...


 I appreciate the nice people of darkblizz.org, love and sharing is what this world needs more than anything!  O:)


Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah grats to everyone who finally got a key :)


Aw, i don't have a key, but Congratulations! O:)