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Started by Myst, December 30, 2007, 08:55:00 AM

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Current Version: 1.9.5
Download Here:
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Additional ScreenShots: (Note: Some SS's are from past editions and may not include current "looks" of current editions)
another irc ss
Spawn Feature
Clan Invitation
Game Client
Joining Game
Joining Game 2
v1.9.5 GameClient

Description: A stable, easy to use Multi-Profiled chat bot with many features. Currently supports SC/BW, War2, War3, D2, SSHR, and very minimally irc support.

Spawn Feature (Launch additional bots through your single profile, see ChangeLog/ReadMe)
Built in Mp3 Player
Last Channel ability (See ChangeLog)
Clan Creation Support
Flood Protection
Proxy Support
Multiple Cmd Actions (See ReadMe)
Multi-Lined Idle Support
Multi-Lined Message Support


E-Mail Registration
Password Changing
Lost Password Support
Change E-Mail Support
War3 Clan Functions
D2 Realm Support
SC Game Support

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You probably won't see an update for this bot for a while, due to working on something else, or sheer boredom.

Quote from: ChangeLog
v1.9.1 - Added Spawn Feature where you can launch multiple bots inside your main chat profile.
-Did some irc stuff
-Fixed Bug where it would add you twice to the channel list if logged on War3.


I'm going to fix all the bugs & complete some unfinished things and release a final version soon. 


Sorry, you guys will have to wait a bit longer, the newest project sources got corrupted somehow make all the code in them 0kbs, odd yes I know...And the backup I have of the project doesn't contain the "Spawn Feature" or anything near that release.  So we'll see what happens.


Quote from: ChangeLog
-Added Support for SC Warden
-Added War3 Password changing support
-Added Customizable setting for the Chat/Whisper Screens clear time.
-Fixed Bug where it would add you twice to the channel list if logged on War3.
-Fixed user problem of delaying when creating a clan channel.
-Mp3's now loop to next song when done
-Mp3 Player can now load PlayList files (.m3u)

Finally updated it a bit ;) 


For those wondering what's going on with this project, mainly I've been working mostly on Starcraft UDP research stuff and just implementing it into Genesis; that's pretty much it I think unless I forgot something... I added a screenshot of the Game List Viewer and joining the games to the screenshot section in first post if ur wondering what I mean.


Quote from: ChangeLog
-Fixed Bug where profiles wouldn't close properly
-Added D2 Realm Support
-Added Minimal Starcraft Game Support for joining games

Updated it a bit; fixed a few bugs and added some stuff.


Quote from: ChangeLog
-Updated Starcraft & War3 Warden Support
-Fixed issue of warden module states being changed with multiple instances running
-Fixed Connection Stability issue
-Added more SC GameStuff such as Game Lobby window (Still in development)
-Did some more IRC stuff
-Changed things around related to D2 Realm
-Added D2 Exp support
-Added ReverseChat (Coolio) encryption (Just4U Spht)