Green Tea AI General Rating

Started by ptanhkhoa, May 28, 2010, 05:37:41 AM

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This thread you can rating general at the rank from 1 to 10 and following suggest to improve them.

For example :

Grey Tanker : 6/10
_ Need better opening (
    Your opening here ... )

Mouse : 3/10:
_ Improve late game ...

Black Reaper: 2/10
_ Faster rush, should target probe, not building ..

Ofcourse don't need to rate all generals, maybe the one you really favourite or the ones that too weak, need to improve.



About protoss Generals. For example, i played 10 games PvP. 6 games Ai go to air, 3 game go to robotech, 1 game go to dark or high templars. Why Ai prefer air? It can be fixed?
Im from Russia. Sorry for my broken english.


Until Next release:


Turbo Reaper + Mass Banshee
Fast Banshee Rush
M&M Balls
Mech Play
Marauder + Tank
3 racks Mech Play


Dark Templar Fast Expand
1 Warpgate Stargate Mass Zealot + Carrier
1 Gate Stargate Mass Air
One Base Colossus
3 Warpgate Stargate
Immortal Rush

Give feedback plz.


If you go Air, A.I will go Air Counter.
  Instead of last release (bug in protoss.galaxy, fixed now)