After playing bots, then going online, and then back to bots...

Started by Espionage724, June 08, 2010, 11:09:02 AM

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Do you play any better now? I remember playing with StarCraft 7.0 bots and getting totally faceroll'd by the first mass. Then I played online for like 2 months, and got decently better (still got facerolled by some ppl).

Now I'm back to bots (the beta's over for now) and my first game, I actually survived a few waves of enemies before I got defeated.

So I play a bit better now instead of dying on the first wave of things the bot's sends.


I played with AIs for about 2 months and then I get into b-net. After a wile, like 2 weeks, I came back to Strategy AI to try the new version. Before getting online, I won every game with Strategy or Starcrack (which is a bit easier) and after that weeks of online playing I lost on Strategy and I felt that I don't have the same speed technique like before. In online playing I was focused more on strategies than skill. With AI, when you're starting to know his weaknesses, you are working to do it faster. That is what I observe in the first online faze. After 1 month of online experience, I managed to work for speed too.
Now, I found about GreenTea's new version with a lot of generals which, I consider, is the best way to improve your skill for both AIs and online playing because you're forced to scan your opponent to see whats going on.