PLEASE HElP ME starcraft 2 keeps crashing

Started by protoss fan, June 23, 2010, 04:29:27 PM

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protoss fan

someone help i am asking why when i use any loader starcraftallin1, starcraft beta launcher....ect to put team play(2vs) and it stops at my loading screen and switches to the destop and says starcraft 2 .exe stopped working and closes.

but when i put free for all it works.

HELP (i am using windows 7 and have a great graphic card and using starcrack 7.0)


This is because SC2.exe is checking with servers, and when the authentication fails between your computer and Blizzard's sever, SC2.exe fails to execute.

But people have said to disable LAN in order to play.


I dont like microing. Hahahaha


Quote from: protoss fan on June 26, 2010, 02:33:55 AM
did nothing

just turn off your router/modem or read this

vista/7 :

xp : just open your control panel then click network and internet connections then click network connections and disable your connection. easy.

I dont like microing. Hahahaha