Started by protoss fan, June 26, 2010, 02:36:55 AM

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protoss fan

HOW TO DISABLE LAN some people told me to disable lan to play 2vs2 not ffa and how to do that if i do not disable lan and i try to play2vs2 it switches to the destop and says starcraft 2 is not responding windows is checking for a solution? help greatly appreticated


Here's no PANCAKE MIX, you know... There's no LAN in SC2 yet, and wtf you want to diable it ???

protoss fan

then why is this someone help i am asking why when i use any loader starcraftallin1,   starcraft beta launcher....ect to put team play(2vs) and it stops at my   loading screen and switches to the destop and says starcraft 2 .exe   stopped working and closes.

but when i put free for all it works.

HELP   (i am using windows 7 and have a great graphic card and using starcrack   7.0)                 


You don't have to disable LAN anymore. If you have a fully patched version of sc2, go download the latest Allin1. It fixes the problem of long load times.

But if your sc2 still doesn't load, follow the instructions in the installation of Allin1.


it's easy... if there is a switch on your modem... switch it off. EASY!
I dont like microing. Hahahaha


Hell if you dont like ure enabled LAN give it to me instead! LOL! There ain't no LAN dude.. whatever your problem is, it doesnt have anything to do with LAN coz there ain't no LAN in sc2.. :thumbsup: