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Started by Ficiani, July 02, 2010, 11:50:49 AM

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Hello friends.

I'm pretty new here, and also new at the game. I've actually started playing today. I need some time to learn how to play. So, I'm always getting owned by the AI. I cannot defeat them.  :( So, I've been searching through the Internet and on this forum also, but I did not find any thread or information related on how to change the difficulty (to Easy).  ::) I've looked through the game settings but there is no such setting for the difficulty. If anyone knows, can you please explain me how to reduce the difficulty to easy? :-[
I'm using the newest BETA version (enUS 13891). Here;s a picture of my SC2 directory, and I'm not able to find my AIDIFICULTY.GALAXY (or something like this) file. I've heard that I can change the difficulty this way.

Thanks for your time! ;D

Thanks in advance! ;)


can u give me a link to that AI im serching for challenging one?