Play using the map editor

Started by ozd24, July 13, 2010, 09:20:30 AM

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Use the crack found here: to gain access to the map editor, download the updated Blizzard maps from here: (in the outdated maps the xel'naga towers/gold minerals are missing), open a map, select 'Map' -> 'Player properties' and set one of the players (not player 1 because its you) 'Control' to be a computer and 'AI' to be a computer too (there you also select name, color, race, and start location for you and for the AI, leave Decals to stay 'Default'). Make sure Player 1 'Control' is set to 'User' (no need to set anything for Player 1 in 'AI').
Next, select 'Modules' -> 'Triggers' than right click on 'Events' (orange flag) -> 'New' -> 'New Action' than on the left select 'Player' and on the right select 'Set Player Difficulty Level' and press OK.
in 'Set player _' be sure to select the number of the player you set to be a computer and in 'difficulty level to _' select the difficulty level you want to play (easy, medium, hard etc.)
DONE! all you have to do now is to select 'File' -> 'Test Document' and you are in the game! (don't panic if the "validate SC2 license..." pops up, it should disappear after a couple of seconds).


Hi, thanks for the maps. There are some things I do different and simpler, and some things that you mention, I don't even do. I don't set AI to computer, I just set player: computer. And for the difficulty, I set it in File > Preferences> Test Document > Game Difficulty. I don't touch the triggers.

Do you think there is any difference setting things this way?