Starcraft 2 Installation

Started by Soulou, July 24, 2010, 12:02:34 PM

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Hi everyone,

I got a retail version of the game this morning and, I'm interesting in installing starcraft II without to wait the 27.

To do that I try to bypass the date limitation, of course, blizzard does better than look at the system date. is the first file, the installer looks at. (for the French version)(the IP is the IP of

I change my hosts file and modify the file, in fact, the date in the file only modify the printed date, so instead of telling me that i must wait the 27 to install the game, i can change this date as I want, so it's totaly useless.

Next the program try to find which results on a 404 Error (IP :

Using the same format as the one, i create the file the program is looking at, but nothing changes.

So how does the installer check the date, if someone could help, it must be nice =]

Edit : It's dead : the second link will contain the key needed to activate the game, and won't be released before the 27th. if someone want to bruteforce or debug to maybe find something.


What happens when you block the installer from accessing internet ? You should got an error that the installer needs an internet connection, on that click on the yellow exclamation mark and it should ask you for Auth key(used just to allow installation of the game, not your key), which should be somewhere in the box.
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There is nothing like that on the box.

As i wrote, the installer try to look at a webpage which is not present for the moment, I think it will be set on Tuesday to active installers.

Concerning the key i try to attach the process to a debugger and follow how the installer check a custom key, but without result, the key and the algorithm are too big.