Can cracked version play versus ai?Please help

Started by Ryper, August 17, 2010, 03:42:23 AM

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I've downloaded a cracked version of Starcraft 2 : Wing of Liberty , there was no way for me to play on since it's a cracked version, but there was no problem with the campaigns and challenges, I've completed them all, but when i go to - Single Player - Play Versus A.I. , it says that no content found, but I've already placed the maps on the correct directory C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\StarCraft II\Maps , is there anything possible for me to do to fix this? I know most of you will say "just go and buy the game", I'm planning on buying it, but not now, anyone pro enough to solve this?


On this site there alot of cracks and loaders so i think noone propose you buyng game:) (i think)

So what you can do:
- download loader (for example Allin1) and mappack. Then you open application, chose map, ai level and go!
- download razor crack, and after install you starting SC2, click "play as guest". "play against AI" now is avalible

I recomend razor because you can play against blizzard AI, its much more ballanced. In Allin1 even medium is sick.

For downloads check this forum - > SC2 tools

<sry for my english, i havent use it long time>


Thanks xseper! I'm working on it right now, If it doesn't work, I'll reinstall and do it again, anyway I know it'll work ^^, thanks again!


I got to play it already! yay! thanks man, anyway Allin1 version not that hard, i played insane, and all you need to do to win is to get invisible units as fast as possible, for Terran straight away training banshee, for Protoss is Dark Templar, and for Zerg is Brood lord, go to youtube and watch blizzshouter channel, it's replay for pros, i learnt a lot there, neway, thanks!


yea but difference in medium and insane is minimal. This ai also have problems with drops, invisibles, burrowed roaches and reapers (of corse tanks in ramp too).

When i played in allin1 i havent got fun by watching how ai and dont have script on my actions... So i lead open war; and it was really dificult.
(Normaly i like to play smart.)



You sure don't play the Insane GT AI yet, this is a lof of different between GT Insane AI and GT Medium AI, while the Medium is not cheating, the Insane just double harvest rate. It sure will give you a lot of pressure than the Medium AI.

This is Insane AI
Starcraft 2 GT AI PvZ.avi

This is Medium AI
Starcraft 2 GT AI TvP (Medium).avi


Insane GT Ai? I've played Insane SC2AllIn1 Ai, but not sure what is GT, but the one I played gathered minerals about twice the normal amount as well, they've got 3 gateway before i could get 1 gateway, still, they lack of strategy

1) they keep attacking on the same place
2) they are easily distracted by units some minor units attacking their base (eg. one void rays) , they'll be sure to return back home from their assault from this minor trouble.
3) they got lots of minerals and gasses but still they expand quite late
4) they got no minerals for backup, once their nexus, command center, hatchery is destroyed, they got no mineral left to build it again, so it's gg.

anyway, you just need to hold off their first attack, and then counter them with some distraction on their base while having a couple of new expansion to keep up with their mineral production, and then you're both even.


GT AI is a custom AI you can aslo put in the SC2 AllIn1 to play.

It expand a lot faster and instead of 3 gate way straight it will prefer to tech up and some times have different build like Dark Templar, Colosus, High Templar, Carrier, if they have more minerals, they will build another expand or build a lot of units. You will hardly see the minerals and gas they have go up to 500, except when they product full 200 units.

Download it here and put it in the AI folder of SC2 AllIn1, you will see the GT AI Appear.

Darkblizz GT AI 0.56


im using SC2 beta. i have same problem ryper. i can't play with ai. can u help me regarding this.


i used allin1 for a while but my system started slowing down horribly....could it be becuz of it or possibly something else i changed around the same time. It happened even after reinstalling and i had to reinstall my os to get the system to work normally again.

Is allin1 potentially the cause??



hell yes it works!  8)

still kicking ass, as long as you combine it with the right crk ;-)

p.s the slow performance ingame, has nothing to do with the Sc2Allin1 tool, its because you propably use the "custome AI" and you have installed the GT AI that is CPU and Memmory consuming!

but the guys have made a lighter version now for Low end systems! because in order to get a VERY smart AI you end up having a too much complicated algorithm that consumes a lot!
so for the right version of Custom AI go here: